With a surface area of 69,485 square kilometers, Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake, and the world’s largest tropical lake, according to Diversity Inland Waters (DIW). Lake Victoria receives its water additionally from rivers, and thousands of small streams. 2nd edition. Or simply sit by the shores and join legions of lake enthusiasts for waterfront wining, dining and sunset viewing. Until then Lake Victoria was known for its amazing biodiversity and It was inhabited by over 500 species of fish, 90% of which were Cichlids belonging to the Haplochromis genus. Waterfalls. Average evaporation on the lake is between 2.0 and 2.2 metres (6.6 and 7.2 ft) per year, almost double the precipitation of riparian areas. In 1952, engineers acting for the government of Many towns and cities are reliant on Victoria for their water supplies, for farming and other uses.The Lamadi water scheme is a water and sanitation project serves Mwanza and the satellite towns of Lamadi, Misungwi and Magu and Bukoba and Musoma on the bank of Lake Victoria,  European Investment Bank started the project in 2013 with the aim of protecting the environmental health of the lake, through improved water and sanitation to the towns whose pollution is part of the degradation of the lake. After Lake Superior in the Today, over 30 million people from the three East African countries bounding the lake's waters depend on Lake Victoria for their livelihoods and even survival. The water is then ready to be chlorinated or treated in another way. As a by-product of this the oxygen levels in the deeper layer of water are being depleted.

A longer record provides the perspective that resource managers need to understand what current changes in water levels mean for a particular lake and the surrounding region.Lake Victoria is located in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The distant sea-line of the north horizon was defined in the calm atmosphere between the north and west points of the compass; but even this did not afford me any idea of the breadth of the lake….This view was one which, even in a well-known and explored country, would have arrested the traveller by its peaceful beauty.Though pastoral when British explorer John Hanning Speke became the first European to explore its shores, today, Lake Victoria in East Africa is one of the most populous regions in the world. “Lake Victoria is such a big lake that you get lots of echoes as the satellite goes across it,” says Birkett. Lake level data from the TOPEX-Poseidon and Jason-1 satellites (red) augment gauge data at Jinja, Uganda (black).

It is known to be the largest tropical lake. Njoka. If you venture out onto the lake, always ensure that the boatman brings along safety vests for everyone onboard! The Gippsland Lakes are a network of lakes, marshes and lagoons in east Gippsland, Victoria, Australia covering an area of about 354 square kilometres (137 sq mi).

Eutrophication has also been cited by researchers as inducing losses of deep water oxygen levels, which began in the early 1960s. Their loss is devastating for the lake, the fields of ecology, genetics and evolution biology, and more evidently, for the local fisheries. In the 105-year history of accurate measurements on the lake, water levels have fluctuated widely. March 13, 2006The caravan…began winding up a long but gradually inclined hill until it reached its summit, when the vast expanse of the pale-blue waters of the N’yanza burst suddenly upon my gaze. Lake Victoria water resources management challenges and prospects: a need for equitable and sustainable institutional and regulatory frameworks Kateregga, E., & Sterner, T. (January 01, 2009). In 1858, John Hanning Speke was the first European to explore the vast lake and he believed it to be the source of the White Nile.

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