The South province of Cameroon contains the following four departments: The regions are subdivided into 58 divisions (departments). The Centre province of Cameroon contains the following ten departments: The Littoral province of Cameroon contains the following four departments: A presidential decree of 12 November 2008 officially instigated the change from provinces to regions. The Northwest province of Cameroon contains the following seven departments: (The departments in Nord-Ouest and Sud-Ouest Some of the department names The word "et" can be replaced by "and" to create an have been changed to their French forms.Except where otherwise labeled, these are variant spellings that I've found. The East province of Cameroon contains the following four departments: The North province of Cameroon contains the following four departments: The name of the remaining part of Kumba changed to Meme; the name of the remaining part of Victoria changed to Fako, and … Mutengene is a road junction town located in Tiko Subdivision, Fako Division in the SWR of Cameroon. The table below shows all of the departments of Cameroon.

The division is divided administratively into 7 communes and in turn into villages. The departments are further subdivided into 315 Ndian division formed from parts of Kumba and Victoria. To explain the reasons for snail increasing production in Cameroon, their socioeconomic status, production system, management practices and production constraints were studied. arrondissements (as of 1999), and then into districts. Fako: Department: 248,032: 466,412: Buea: Arrondissement... 131,325 → Limbé I: City … The Far North province of Cameroon contains the following six departments: Sorin Cosoveanu brought the Cameroon Statistical Yearbook (source [1]) to my attention. The constitution divides Cameroon into 10 semi-autonomous regions, each under the administration of an elected Regional Council.

The area derived its name from the Bakweri word litengene meaning “to place across” and had grown as a crossroad since the period of German colonial rule when the latter mapped out and constructed a road to serve as a hub to the network of paved roads from Buea, Tiko, and Bwenga. English form. That's where I got the population and area data in the first (yellow) table, below. The West province of Cameroon contains the following eight departments: ~1975: Bamenda division (capital Bamenda) split into Bui, Mezam, and Momo divisions. These are headed by presidentially appointed divisional officers (See summary of administrative history in Zeitlyn 2018.The Adamawa province of Cameroon contains the following five departments: “Before the end of this month all will… Cameroon is divided into ten regions, which are subdivided into 58 départements (departments). Each region is headed by a presidentially appointed governor. Will the power plant ever be reinstated? regions, which used to be part of the British mandate, are sometimes called "divisions".) By Regina Fonjia Leke As the unmaking of history goes, the dismantling of Yoke Power Plant in Muyuka Subdivision, Fako Division in the South West Region, still haunts the Cameroonian psyche as parts of the country usually fall into blackouts due to erratic electricity supply. This pronouncement was made known to Eden recently in Muyuka by Mayor Nkeng Micheal of Muyuka council. The people of Muyuka subdivision, Fako division of the South West region are just days away ahead of the official installation of the first ever Mortuary structure in the Sub-division. The Southwest province of Cameroon contains the following six departments:

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