$14.90 shipping. Carré created twenty-four detailed charcoal sketches of the back and below-stage areas of the Opera, which the filmmakers replicated. According to director of photography Charles Van Enger, Chaney and the rest of the cast and crew had strained relations with director Rupert Julian. "'Phantom' Dialogue Scenes Are Finished By Universal." He asks if she will kiss him and proposes to give her a wedding ring, so Christine can give it to Raoul.

Principal photography was completed just before the end of the year, with 350,000 feet of negative exposed. This version has singer Mary Fabian in the role of Carlotta. On the right, a lost title card from a 16mm print-down, not sourced from the Eastman House version.Hinrichs' score was available by the time the film went into general release. He raised the contours of his cheekbones by stuffing wadding inside his cheeks. The film opens with the debut of the new season at the Paris Opera House, with a production of At the height of the most prosperous season in the Opera's history, the management suddenly resign. While Raoul saves Christine, the Phantom is thrown by the mob into the The filmmakers were unfamiliar with the layout of the Paris Opera House and consulted Ben Carré, a French art director who had worked at the Opera and was familiar with Leroux’s novel. After the performance, the ballerinas are disturbed by the sight of a mysterious man in a fez prowling down in the cellars, and they wonder if he is the Phantom. A practical man is infected with a horrific disease his disciplined mind tells him cannot possibly exist. 5," among other things. "Rupert Julian had become Universal’s prestige director by completing the The ending changed yet again during filming. During the performance, the managers enter Box 5 and are startled to see a shadowy figure seated there, who soon disappears when they are not looking. 20 watching. In the reedited version, Virginia Pearson, who played Carlotta in the 1925 film, is credited and referred to as "Carlotta's Mother" instead. A young soprano becomes the obsession of a horribly disfigured composer, who has plans for those who oppose him or the young singer. One possibility is that the Eastman House print is actually a silent version of the reissued film, made for theaters not yet equipped with sound.However, according to trade journals of the time, no silent reissue was available.

These versions were meant to cash in on the talkie craze; by 1930 anything with sound did well at the box office, while silent films were largely ignored by the public.To make an international version, the studio would simply replace any spoken dialogue in the film with music, and splice in some title cards in the appropriate language. Editor Gilmore Walker assembled a rough cut of nearly four hours. He used a skullcap to raise his forehead height several inches and accentuate the bald dome of the Phantom's skull.

An acid-scarred composer rises from the Paris sewers to boost his favorite opera understudy's career. In the movie, M. Debienne and M. Poligny transfer ownership of the opera to M. Montcharmin and M. Richard, while in the novel they are simply the old and new managers.The Phantom has no longer studied in Persia in his past. Certificate: Passed

The studio demanded a length of no more than 12 reels.The first cut of the film was previewed in Los Angeles on January 7 and 26, 1925. Drama

Inside her rooms, he is overcome and says he is dying. Hypnotist Dr. Caligari uses a somnambulist, Cesare, to commit murders. Christine sobs and flees to the garden; Raoul follows to console her.Production began in mid-October and did not go smoothly. The following day, in a garden near the Opera House, Raoul meets Christine and asks her to reconsider his offer. A scientist finds a way of becoming invisible, but in doing so, he becomes murderously insane. A mob led by Simon infiltrates the Phantom's lair. For this reason it was not dismantled until 2014.Modern critical response for the film has been more positive, with many considering it the best adaption of Leroux's novel to another medium, or at least until the classic 1986 Lloyd Webber stage musical version was first performed.After the successful introduction of sound pictures during the 1928–29 movie season, Universal announced that they had secured the rights to a sequel to Universal later scrapped the sequel, and instead opted to reissue Although this particular adaptation is often considered the most faithful, it contains some significant plot differences from the original novel. Carlotta, the prima donna, has received a letter from "The Phantom," demanding that Christine sing the role of Marguerite the following night, threatening dire consequences if his demands are not met. An obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses. Directed by Rupert Julian, Lon Chaney, Ernst Laemmle. "The New York premiere was cancelled, and the film was rushed back into production, with a new script that focused more on Christine’s love life. Film Daily, May 17, 1929, Pg. "International sound versions" were sometimes made of films which the producing companies judged not to be worth the expense of reshooting in a foreign language. In the chamber below, the Phantom shuts a gate, locking them in with barrels full of gunpowder.

$28.95. During the performance, the large crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling is dropped onto the audience. He takes over a coach, which overturns thanks to his reckless driving, and then escapes the mob by scaling a bridge with his strangler's lasso.

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