Not all the reasons for the differences are known, but one main factor could be that different parts of the Empire had different indigenous languages that came into contact with Latin, and thus different parts of the Empire had different loanwords (and eventually vocabularies) in their versions of Vulgar Latin. Get the point? Portuguese and Spanish, although closely related Romance languages, differ in many aspects of their phonology, grammar and lexicon. Mais de 200 pessoas lançaram fogo e tentaram aproximar-se de novo das forças policiais, objetivo esse que não conseguiram no dia anterior. Catalan has a closer sound system to Portuguese than Spanish (Castillan) but I am not sure this helps too much to understand the language. Already we sometimes speak not of Portuguese and Spanish, but Portugueses and Spanishes; in a hundred years, perhaps we might even speak of an Iberian language family. 1415 – Oversees expansion starts with the conquest of Ceuta by the portuguese. Now a spanish speaker with no previous exposure to Italian would never understand that ‘CALCIO’ means soccer on Italian…in Spanish it is ‘FUTBOL’ and in Portuguese it is ‘FUTEBOL’. If you already speak one and would like to learn the other, you could come up against a number of problems.

They weren’t arabs as the name may imply (in fact there were no arabs in the peninsula, at least in statistically meaningfull numbers becausee the invaders were moorish and the arab elite only arrived some 40 years later fleeding from Damascus, they were a ruling ultraminority). A sequence of a semivowel adjacent to a vowel is by default assumed to be read as a A consequence of this is that words that are pronounced alike in both languages are written according to different accentuation rules. They were a small minority that was accepted by the muslim at trade levels and thus, even if christians and speaking a romance language, they could also speak the invaders language (most probabily an arabic dialect) and that is where they may have got some arabic influences. However, with Classical Latin no longer readily available for ‘reference’ as the standard to aspire to, Vulgar Latin in Hispania likely began to change further, incorporating several new features from Gothic.Then, beginning in 711 CE, Visigothic Hispania was almost entirely conquered by the Moors of the Umayyad Caliphate, becoming the new Muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus. The word isn’t used as often as it should be. Although the vocabularies of Spanish and Portuguese are similar, the two languages differ phonologically from each other, very likely because of the stronger One of the main differences between the Spanish and Portuguese pronunciation are the vowel sounds. The North West in particular held the largest concentration of Celts in Iberia, moreover, it held as a Suebi dominant tribe from 409AD to mid 500’s when the Visigoths took over, claiming all of Iberia.

I am also perfectly aware of how complicated the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” can be but considering how the languages come from one region, does it matter that much? Just some minor observations: “todo” (es) is not “tudu”, but “tudo”(pt). Also many people fled to from the occupied south to the north (as usual). I thought that they sound more similar to each other then either of them to Spanish. Thank you for such a clear explanation.Very interesting article and discussion. It’s name can’t be read in period coinage. In fact the south, expecially in todays Portugal, was largely unoccupied by comparison with the north, so the muslim could never really impose their language and religion to the majority of the Iberians, todays southern Portugal is still largely depopulated with only 7% of the population. This was in 1492. Politics aside, this is factual history. But, despite this variety of possibilities that the voice possesses, it would be a very poor instrument of communication if it did not count more than with it. 1492 -Spain comes into what is practically and de jure, its current form with the conquering of the Kingdom of Granada. I’ve learned a lot today Moving to Portugal soon, trying to learn about the area, its culture and history, I’ve not expected to find so much great info on one page. Más contenedores ardieron en esas calles.
People wrongly believe that just because Italian and Spanish tend to sound alike that they must somehow close/intelligible. This language pair is the closest to each other in vocabulary, grammar and structure than to any of the other ones. Semivowel–vowel sequences are treated differently in both languages when it comes to accentuation rules. Although Arabs are Muslim, the Moorish invaders of Iberia were Berbers, not Arabs.

1173 – Mediated International recognition – Alexander III’s Bula Manifestis Probatum .

Although the Spanish ⟨y⟩ can be either a consonant or a vowel, as a vowel it never takes an accent. While the majority of lexical differences between Spanish and Portuguese come from the influenceSome words have two forms in one language, but just one in the other: For instance, the word Without additional context, it is impossible to tell which meaning was intended in Portuguese and English (though other words could be substituted; in English, one would likely use Portuguese uses the definite article before the names of some cities and almost all countries except relatively new ones, such as Portuguese omits the definite article in stating the time of day unless In addition, in most dialects of Portuguese the definite article is used before In Brazilian Portuguese, these forms are uncommon, since the pronoun normally precedes the verb (i.e., European Portuguese differs from Brazilian Portuguese with regard to the placement of In Portuguese, verbs in the future indicative or conditional tense may be split into However, these tenses are often replaced with others in the spoken language.
Lusophones are very proud of their cultures and get tired of being “same differenced”. Which is where the great similarities between spanish and italian lay… it’s almost easier for a spanish speaker to make out spoken italian that spoken portuguese, as the portuguese pronunciations seems very distorted, nasal, to the spanish “ear”, almost akin to french pronunciation… while spanish and italian are both extremely direct and open-vowels based.A totally different word in Italian would never be intelligible to a Spanish speakerImmigrants who speak with heavy accents are understood because a word is the same regardless of the heavy accent. Portuguese and Spanish evolved separately from the Middle-Ages onwards and Portuguese being more Both Portuguese and, to a lesser degree, Spanish have borrowed Conversely, there are a few examples where a word of Arabic origin is used in Portuguese but not in Spanish, such as: Sp.

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