Three of the sites in Lake Mweru were sampled again in 2017 by Cyprian Katongo and Numel Phiri, a student of Cyprian and Ole, as were additional river sites. Meier, J. I. et al. But it is the life that has evolved here over the past 10 million years or so that really stands apart from anywhere else on the planet.Thousands of unique species survive in Lake Tanganyika having evolved independently over the eons in isolation and into incredible arrays. “The cichlids from these different drainage systems then … Cichlids in Lake Mweru, Bangweulu or rivers of the Lake Mweru drainage system are highlighted with red, blue or orange symbols, respectively. Stankiewicz, J. Most famously, Cichlids from the However, a short snorkel in some of the cleanest fresh water in Africa surrounded by thousands of individual fish in all shapes, sizes and colours is something that any person can appreciate, the array of life in Tanganyika truly rivals the corals reefs and rainforests of the world and is all the more special for its surrounding landscapes and cultures. Demographic modelling with whole-genome data reveals parallel origin of similar Meier, J. I., Marques, D. A., Wagner, C. E., Excoffier, L. & Seehausen, O. Genomics of parallel ecological speciation in Lake Victoria cichlids. At the same time, ecological interactions among the most distantly related and ecologically most distinct haplochromine lineages may have facilitated radiation in Lake Mweru. This has led to the expectation that adaptive radiations most readily emerge from single lineages evolving in the absence of competing lineagesTo address this question, we studied the haplochromine cichlid assemblages in two geographically close and climatically similar East African great lakes. It thus shows that adaptive radiation does not require strict biotic isolation after first colonization but instead can be fuelled by simultaneous or successive colonizations by related lineages if these subsequently hybridize. Mweru's average length is 118 km and its average width is 45 km, with its long axis oriented northeast–southwest. Poelstra, J. W., Richards, E. J.

& Larkin, P. Drainage evolution in south-central Africa since the breakup of Gondwana. Stelkens, R. B., Schmid, C., Selz, O. We also caught and identified over 1200 cichlids in Lake Mweru at 12 sites and at six sites on the Kalungwishi and Luongo/Luapula Rivers that flow into Lake Mweru, of which we preserved 1066.

A number are seasonal camps. In 2005, we sampled the lower reaches of the Kalungwishi River.
25-28 (crc07982) Stelkens, R. B., Young, K. A. & Lange, K. Fast model-based estimation of ancestry in unrelated individuals. Some cichlids take care of their young by guarding a patch of rock or sand, while the famous mouth brooders keep their young safely in their mouth cavities at the first sign of danger, the fry instinctively approaching their parent’s mouth at any approach. 2002, Koblmüller et al. For a version with individual labels, see Supplementary Data 1. Barrier, M., Baldwin, B. G., Robichaux, R. H. & Purugganan, M. D. Interspecific hybrid ancestry of a plant adaptive radiation: Allopolyploidy of the Hawaiian silversword alliance (Asteraceae) inferred from floral homeotic gene duplications. Proto-Lake Bangweulu formed in the Pleiocene in the Zambezi catchment and was much larger than the current lakeGeographic setting and cichlid diversity in Lakes Bangweulu and Mweru. coordinated and implemented fieldwork, collected morphological data, collected mitochondrial sequence data; S.M. Johnson, M. A., Pillon, Y., Sakishima, T., Price, D. K. & Stacy, E. A. Our study suggests that despite diminishing ecological opportunity through competition, the presence of related lineages can facilitate adaptive radiation through increased genetic potential to respond to ecological opportunity. Meier, J. I. et al. Conte, M. A., Gammerdinger, W. J., Bartie, K. L., Penman, D. J. did fieldwork and DNA extractions; C.E.W.

“When Lake Mweru was formed, it combined cichlid lineages from the Congo and the Zambezi,” Meier explains. Genner, M. J. et al. Efficient moment-based inference of admixture parameters and sources of gene flow. Population genomic tests of models of adaptive radiation in Lake Victoria region cichlid fish. lake tanganyika cichlids Lake Tanganyika is an astounding natural wonder, holding 15% of the Earth’s available freshwater and stretching over 600kms up the center of Africa from Zambia to Burundi. We find evidence for both positive and negative effects of ecological lineage interactions on diversification. Verheyen, E., Salzburger, W., Snoeks, J. We thank village headman Paul Chilufya for his eye-opener present of colourful offshore Division of Aquatic Ecology & Evolution, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern, Baltzerstr. Our data suggest that the presence of several related lineages does not necessarily prevent adaptive radiation, although it constrains the trajectories of morphological diversification. In Lake Bangweulu, we find no evidence for hybridization but also no adaptive radiation. Secondary contact seeds phenotypic novelty in cichlid fishes.

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