He also had two sacks that day. I said our defense was going to hold court on Earl Campbell. Lester Hayes, Actor: Corps à coeur.

Not Lester. Under many NFL rules since then though, the league has made it increasingly easier for a quarterback to dominate.And because the quarterback "dominates" to him go all the spoils. The one he did get came on the final play of the first half when Jack Thompson threw up a Hail Mary.● Week 11 (beat Seahawks, 19-17): With 4:20 left, he intercepted a Zorn pass and returned it 19 yards to the Oakland 39. I will do a 360-degree reverse slam dunk [over the crossbar] after each TD. (Or maybe not. Lester was quite a character, even by the Raiders’ oddball standards — the kind of player Twitter was made for.

And that the Hall has clearly recognized Biletnikoff as the best receiver in Raiders history thus far, regardless of Stickum (Tim Brown could change that).More importantly, the NFL only banned Stickum after Hayes had dominated by using it.

. That’s just going to make it harder to pile up 18 picks in a season. The use of Stickum (at the time) however, did not break the rules.The question that has long lingered in my mind is: Why do people question the achievements of Hayes because of Stickum, yet do not question the achievements of receiver Fred Biletnikoff because of Stickum?Yet not only is Fred Biletnikoff in the Hall of Fame as a receiver, the award for best college receiver is named after Biletnikoff. He is an actor, known for Drugstore Romance (1979), NFL Monday Night Football (1970) and The NFL on CBS (1956). ● Playoff Game 2 (beat Browns, 14-12): Suckered Brian Sipe into two more INTs. The main argument that has prevented women from playing football is that the game is too violent. How his season went:● Week 1 (beat Chiefs, 27-14): Intercepted a Steve Fuller pass, setting up a field goal that made it 24-7 in the fourth quarter.● Week 2 (lost to Chargers in overtime, 30-24): Had one of the Raiders’ five INTs against Dan Fouts.● Week 3 (beat Redskins, 24-21): In the fourth quarter, with Washington at the Oakland 21, he picked off Joe Theismann’s throw to halt a drive.● Week 4 (lost to Bills, 24-7): Returned an interception 48 yards for a touchdown, the Raiders’ only score. )Now that the cold, hard data has been dispensed with, why don’t we take Hayes’ historic season interception by interception? It was followed by a field goal that put Oakland ahead to stay, 10-7.● Playoff Game 1 (beat Oilers, 27-7): Thanks, once again, to the wonders of YouTube, I was able to find video of And this is the second, near the end, with Oilers quarterback Ken Stabler — Lester’s former Raiders teammate — facing a third-and-18 at the Houston 2:Touchdown — Hayes’ second of the season. )● Week 13 (beat Broncos, 9-3): Another end-of-the-first-half-Hail-Mary job, this time at the expense of Craig Morton.● Week 15 (beat Broncos, 24-21): Had a second-quarter INT. For those who read my articles, you would know that I have made an issue of race in regards to the I resolved this year however to tone down the rhetoric and make the discussion the focal point rather than incendiary assertions.On one hand, almost any historian of the NFL would say that Hayes dominated at his position for a team that twice won the Super Bowl. Blount of course had dominated as a corner-back for the legendary Steel Curtain defense in The reason I find it interesting that the Raiders and Chargers faced off that year is because until the advent of the Mel Bount rule, Fouts was at best a mediocre quarterback that had never thrown more touchdowns than interceptions, and had only once passed more than 2,000 yards in the five seasons prior.Any historian of the NFL understands the correlation between the Mel Blount rule and the rise of the passing-game. The first led to a TD, the second to a field goal.● Week 9 (beat Dolphins, 16-10): From the AP account: “Lester Hayes had one interception, and would have had another — on which he rambled 95 yards for an apparent TD — had the play not been called back by an Oakland offside penalty.” QB: Uncertain (either David Woodley or Don Strock).● Week 10 (beat Bengals, 28-17): A one-INT day could have been a three-INT day if two more picks hadn’t been nullified by offside penalties. The Patriots broke rules. In 2014 there were 450 in 17,879 — 177 fewer in 4,174 more attempts. (Unfortunately, the league’s gamebook archives only go back to 1981, which is why I have to rely on newspapers.

There have been some absolutely great cornerbacks in the National Football League over the years. I sentenced him to 2 yards on 20 carries.” (Campbell finished with 20 on 18. That name is Lester Hayes. .

His score on the Wonderlic would indicate that he is a moron.Yet, Marino still succeeded at a high level in the NFL. He played bump and run better than most and was a pure lockdown corner. In the years before the rule, only Joe Namath had topped 4,000 yards in 1967.

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