In urban areas, the moped must use the roadway (since 1999). Archived.

Registered numbers of road deaths and serious road injuries (MAIS 2 +) in the periods 2005-2009 and 2010-2015 Figure 2. It's uncertain what the ultimate effect on road safety will be, as we don't know the individual risk of riding a moped as opposed to riding a light moped (see also the question Below you will find the list of references that are used in this fact sheet. A moped has a maximum construction speed of 45 km/h and must have a yellow license plate Mopeds and light mopeds come in different models. In recent years we have seen a strong increase in the number of light mopeds (especially the scooter model is widely sold), whereas the number of mopeds has been decreasing slightly. Current replacement series since May 2008 (starting at GBB), small size plate in black on yellow. Liu, B.C., Ivers, R., Norton, R., Boufous, S., et al. This licence can be obtained from the age of 16, after having passed a theoretical and practical exam. Second, (light-)mopeds are equilibrium vehicles, which makes the vehicle control more demanding; the better the vehicle control, the better the attention that is available to anticipate and ride safely The most common infrastructure- or environment-related factors in the Dutch in-depth study were: 1) view on other traffic is limited by trees, parked cars or other objects (19-25%); 2) wet/damp road surface (14-19%); and 3) sub-optimal intersection layout, such as a non-conflict-free setting of the traffic lights or too small a positioning space before the bike path for vehicles turning off (14-17%) Theoretically, it is to be expected that a cycle path will be less safe with larger numbers of users  and with greater speed and mass differences between cycle path users (regular bikes, racing bikes, cargo bikes, pedelecs, light mopeds, light moped scooters). About half of these (15%) could be attributed to the measure The measures against tuning up (light) mopeds are twofold: actions from the trade associations and enforcement by the police.In 2004, the Self-regulation Agreement Mopeds including Advertising Code was signed by RAI and BOVAG In the years ahead, RAI and BOVAG will conduct more active policy to counter tuning up mopeds [17]. These crash factors originate from a Dutch in-depth study of In both the Dutch and Danish study behavioural factors were found to be the most common crash factors. Sources: Which risk groups can be distinguished among (light-)moped riders?What are the causes of crashes involving (light-)mopeds?How dangerous is the combination of light mopeds, pedelecs and bicycles on a cycle path?What has been the effect of the ‘Moped on the roadway’ measure?

VBS-01-D to VBS-99-D and VBS-01-S to VBS-99-S are not used, to avoid SD and SS combinations. higher insurance policy / whatever) whether it's a yellow or blue license plate? What is the annual number of casualties among moped and light-moped riders in the Netherlands?Figure 1. (2012). In Rotterdam, for example, moped riders are required to use mainly the roadway only since 2015.In rural areas, the moped is required to use the cycle/moped path with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. However, a survey of 61 international studies indicates that by wearing a A year after the introduction of the ‘Moped on the roadway' measure in 1999 the number of crashes in urban areas involving mopeds had declined by 31%. 1, 2016).) Development in the distribution of ages among (light-)moped riders Below, the most frequent crash factors are discussed, classified under behaviour, vehicle, road. Where you find a mass of these things on the narrow bike lanes. In places where a cycle/moped path (RVV-Board G12a) is present, the moped must use this facility with a maximum speed of 30 km/h. We're the subreddit for everything Amsterdam, in Dutch or in English. The main selling web sites are in Dutch and can't really use them. A scooter can be a moped, a light moped, or even a motorcycle. In the Netherlands, helmet use is mandatory for moped riders, but not for light-moped riders. Question. If you have not yet made a contribution, you can do so here. “ (According to a report on the subject, in the European Union, “pedelec means a bicycle with a motor that only functions on condition the cyclist pedals,” whereas an e-bike refers to “a bicycle with a motor that functions by turning the throttle, so irrespective of the cyclist pedalling.” It adds, “[t]he term electric bicycle is generic and includes pedelecs, e-bikes and combinations of these types.”  (White Paper, “Electric bikes are classified in vehicle category L1e, which is subdivided in L1e-A for ‘powered cycles’ and L1e-B for ‘mopeds.’” ( [8]. Plate numbers stayed with the owner, unlike the present system. A plate bearing the number 1 was issued to one J. van Dam, who purchased the first Dutch-built motorcar, which was manufactured at his own Groninger Motor-Rijtuigen Fabriek.

[7]. In the few countries that know a moped (according to Davidse et al. The Netherlands introduced a system of vehicle registration plates on 26 April 1898–the third country in the world to do so, after France in 1893 and Germany in 1896. have a moped license plate (blue plate). (2013).

In 2016, the section Scooters of the RAI Association urgently summoned its members by letter to explicitly discourage tuning up (light) mopeds and in no way to cooperate.

However, the actual speed of the light moped is often higher than the maximum allowed speed of 25 km/h. Per billion kilometres travelled about 65 (light-)moped riders died in traffic in the Netherlands (period 2010-2014) and almost 3,000 were seriously injured (period 2005-2009;It is impossible to distinguish between the risks of moped riders and the risks of light-moped riders; the reason being that no (sufficiently) reliable distribution is made in either mobility data or in the crash registration.Within the group of (light-)moped riders who die in a road crash it is increasingly less easy to distinguish a risk group. In January 2013, a new European driver's licence will become available across the EU.

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