The Yoruba people are stereotypically described as the “lively bunch” for their enthusiasm for parties.

Proponents of the connection between the earth goddess and Oduduwa are primarily based on the shared use of the "odu," meaning knowledge.

Who are the Yoruba People? This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article "History_of_the_Yoruba_people" ; it is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Within Nigeria, the Yoruba dominate the western Sometimes, when greeting someone of high reputation, like a member of the royal house, a woman or girl is to kneel and then get up quickly. …

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.Most Yoruba men are farmers, growing yams, corn (maize), and millet as staples and plantains, peanuts (groundnuts), beans, and peas as subsidiary crops; cocoa is a major cash crop. They worked at such trades as blacksmithing, weaving, leatherworking, glassmaking, and ivory and wood carving.

Some scholars argue that this version of creation is tied to the earth goddess Odudua. According to Wikipedia, “The Yoruba people are an ethnic group of southwestern and north-central Nigeria, as well as southern and central Benin.

For the Egba of Yorubaland, the the leadership council exercised extreme control over the When not exercising a political voice in the council of nobles, Yoruba could join in many of the other peer organizations in the region. Lamurudu was a traditionalist and king

At that time, the Yoruba people already lived in fortresses with high walls, and had a population of 100,000, surpassing many other populated areas, though still not comparable to the most populated city in Africa today, which is Lagos, Nigeria with 20 million people.

He can be communicated through prayers or by pouring water on kola nuts on the ground.Eshu, another god, is considered the divine messenger who takes up sacrifices to Olorun after they are placed at his shrine while Ifa, the God of Divination, interprets the wishes of Olorun to mankind.Ogun is the god of war, the hunt, and metalworking.

In addition to this, they often to the creator for wealth and children.Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. They speak a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family.

Royal bloodlines alone, however, were not enough to secure a position of power, as an eligible contender for the throne would not be allowed to ascend to power if any family member, servant, or slave belonging to the family committed a serious There was no set power balance between the monarch and the council throughout the confederacy, and cities were left to decide for themselves whether to weigh the two opinions equally or to cast more weight to one.

To the southeast, they share a border with the principal inhabitants of Itsekiri who live in the north-west end of the Niger Delta.Though the Yoruba are mostly populated in Nigeria, they also dwell (in large number) in other West African countries like Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone.There are two major groupings of Yoruba people in the diaspora; the first group is known as recent migrants and they are made up of Yorubas who migrated to the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1960s to 1980s as a result of major economic and political changes.

The second group consists of Yorubas who were part of the Atlantic slave trade.According to reports, the second group are larger in number and has communities in countries like Trinidad, Tobago, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Brazil, and Grenada, among others.According to history, The Yoruba kingdoms were a part of the British Protectorate during the imperial era in Africa. Also known as Àwon omo (which literarily means ‘The Children of Yoruba), the Yoruba tribe reportedly constitute over 40 million people generally, including those in Southern and Central Benin.In Nigeria, this wonderful tribe boasts 21% of the population, making them a major tribe and one of the largest ethnic groups in the Western Africa country.The Yoruba are surrounded by some minor ethnic groups in Nigeria as well as in Benin.

While we are yet to confirm if this figure actually increased or dwindled over the years, we make bold to affirm that majority of Yoruba people are native speakers of the Yoruba language.Like most languages, the Yoruba language has a myriad of different dialects. The first documented use of the term Yoruba as an ethnic description appeared in the a treatise written by the Two varying views of creation revolving around a man named Oduduwa exist within the Yoruba culture, one stating that Ile-Ife was the site of humankind's creation and the other stating that Oduduwa's extensive family caused the population to spread out from Ile-Ife.

Others are traders or craftsmen.

Hence some of them are referred to as artist-philosophers. In order to placate the Ori into providing a beneficial future, cowrie shells are often used to bedeck a sculpture of the personal deity. The Yoruba celebrate around 13 important festivals annually. Oduduwa (the creator of righteousness) is the father of generation of Yoruba while Laurudu gave birth to Oduduwa. Together, these regions are known as Yorubaland. Perhaps the most famous among Yoruba masquerade pieces, Gẹlẹdẹ from the Ketu region of the modern Republic of Benin, received the honor of being recognized as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Recently, scholarly attention has focused on the performances of Egungun (representative of ancestral spirits visiting the living), Epa (symbolic performances variously promoting valor and fertility), and Ẹyọ, a procession of masked dancers.

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