What will be your attitude to prevent it? According to Gage  teaching is  personal relationship between the teacher and the taught causing behaviour modification. Also, this page requires javascript. A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students should  This assumption is related to that type of discipline which has been advocated- With the age and temperament of the child, methods of child discipline vary widelyThe concept of school complex was first executed in-What should be done to maintain discipline among students?What will you do if your students do not take interest in studies?You will try to know the reason for lack of interestGenerally, it is believed that a teacher should be with the students.If a student is not able to answer in your class then you will—What will be your reaction when an otherwise punctual student comes late in your class?You will scold him before other students in the classWhich of the following is most appropriate about your honesty?What is the most effective way to reform the aggressive behaviour of a child?What will you do as Principal if a teacher of the school does not come to a function of school on time?You will ask him to meet you after the function is overYou will complain this to the management committee of the schoolWhat should a teacher do when examinations are near?Complete the syllabus by calling students at his homeComplete the syllabus by devoting extra time in school Ask the students to complete the syllabus themselvesWhat is essential for the self-confidence of a teacher?There is fear of social-evils affecting the schools.  The field of education is permeated by conflicts and misconception because A teacher should find ways to motivate the students to listen to him. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand If majority of students in your class are weak you should

If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. The process must be according to their level of understanding.Intelligent students does not become bore.They are always active.But those who are weak, teacher should follow the slow teaching in order to clear their problems.So D is the right answer. Questions and Answers with Explanations 2 - Download Aptitude Test - Arithmetic - Numerical Ability 1000 Questions and Answers with Explanations Questions 1 to 149 - Download Questions 150 to 302 - Download Questions 303 to 457 - Download Questions 458 to 614 - Download Questions 615 to 752 - Download Questions 753 to 894 - Download Once you are finished, click the button below.

personality and its ability to relate to the class and to the pupils Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist, now known as the father of psychoanalysis. APTITUDE TEST 4.1 Introduction : In this chapter the researcher has discussed in detail about the process of standardization of the tool –Teaching Aptitude Test. This section contains Teaching Aptitude Questions Answers  You can use it for the preparation of If I become a teacher then I will go with the D optionA teaching method is one way of motivating the attention of the students and as a teacher we should motivate it to give learners a good foundation of "Knowledge".A teacher is the major player in a teacher _student interaction.It is up to him to get his ideasOnly when a teacher is clear can a student learn better.

It should go parallel. Teaching Aptitude MCQ Questions Answers Model Objective Set Download Question Paper PDF Teaching Aptitude MCQ Questions Answers Download PDF Objective Set 1) Students find/explore the in formations themselves in (a) lecture method (b) Discovery method (c) Both (d) none 2) Language of word is not necessary for a) Imaginative Thinking b) Conceptual Thinking c) Associative ... Read more … Thatswise intelligent student willnot feel bor and weak student understand matter well.Doesn't matter students are more or less ...we should never change our attitude in teaching.slow learner need extra guidance so the d option is correct yes teacher should teach somehow slowly and increase the pace with extra guidelines for weak student.D is correct because we are not ignoring the bright students and through slow teaching the weak student will gainThe weak students and the bright students must benefit out of the teaching.

Get teaching aptitude multiple choice question answers, online test, study material pdf and prepare for various competitive exams like net paper1, ugc net jrf , pre phd entrance exams B. Examples Quiz: A dealer sold an article at 6 % loss. Many defininitions have beed provided for teaching. A good teacher draws studets attention ,the minute he realizes about his teaching skills and not only motivating ,sharing his /her real time experiencesunless you know what you want to teach how can you relate the present knowledge with the previous knowledge.

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