Within the region, the temperature and rainfall can vary significantly within quite a small area. Audience ratings certified by ACPM/OJD. There is the glamorous French Riviera with its Mediterranean climate; the temperate climate of the rolling hills of the wine regions of Dordogne and Aquitaine; Central France with its impressive historic architecture in Dijon, brings slightly more extreme conditions but also plays host to the picturesque French Alps to the south; lastly you have Paris and north and western France which has a pleasant, mild maritime climate of warm summers and cool winters.The west coast of France has a temperate maritime climate. Novotel. April through until August sees the greatest rainfall, with May and June generally being the wettest months.If visiting the north of France during August, keep in mind that many locals take their summer breaks during this month so they often leave the north and head to the southern coastal towns for some well earned time off. The most rain falls in late summer/early autumn; summer could be considered the 'rainy season', but is generally drier than the southeast of England.Once you move inland toward the Ile de France region, the temperature range begins to widen. As you travel from north to south, from east to west you will find your self experiencing a smorgasbord of weather conditions - ranging from Continental to Oceanic, from Semi Continental to Mediterranean and Alpine.In France, you can get a taste of everything. and famous because of its hot Mediterranean climate, pristine beaches and idyllic vineyards.

Visitors relax at the entrance of the Louvre museum in Paris, where temperatures were expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius on Monday. © 2020 Copyright RFI - All rights reserved. The region receives about 2,600 hours of sunshine per year. Average temperatures range from about 60 to 80 F in Paris, while in Nice and on the south coast they range from around 80 to 90 F.
Average temperatures nationwide were to be 9 degrees warmer than Sunday in an episode the weather monitor had predicted at the weekend. Updated weather maps France. The Average temperature in the South of France in March: 6°C to 15°C, 43°F to 59°FAverage temperature in the South of France in April: 8°C to 18°C, 46°F to 64°FAverage temperature in the South of France in May: 12°C to 22°C, 54°F to 71°FAverage temperature in the South of France in June: 16°C to 26°C, 61°F to 79°FAverage temperature in the South of France in July: 18°C to 29°C, 64°F to 84°FAverage temperature in the South of France in August: 18°C to 28°C, 64°F to 82°FAverage temperature in the South of France in September: 15°C to 25°C, 59°F to 77°FAverage temperature in the South of France in October: 12°C to 20°C, 54°F to 68°FAverage temperature in the South of France in November: 7°C to 14°C, 45°F to 57°FAverage temperature in the South of France in December: 4°C to 11°C, 39°F to 52°F If you like wine and cheese this is a must for your bucket list.Snowcaps, bees in summer, flower meadows, melting glaciers, traditional mountain regions, national and regional nature parks with marmots, exciting cols, baroque churches and ski stations.This nation-wide website presents information about the weather and climate for almost every country around the world.Get notified about our newest bucket list destinations and more!

Many people choose to have a holiday in the South of France during summer because temperatures remain pretty constant in the mid A holiday in the South of France during autumn is warm and the summer crowds have left.

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