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The information provided is general advice only and has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situations or needs. Amazon Web Services. This process includes a security check, requiring 100 points of ID (e.g. OpenMarkets will assign you a Holder Identification Number (HIN) and will execute, clear, settle and keep record of your holdings and your share investment activity.All client monies are held with ANZ and are covered by specific government-issued provisioning requirements as issued by ASIC. SelfWealth's online application process was fast and easy. Please enter your recovery code below. For more information please refer to the ... For more information please refer to the SelfWealth Terms and Conditions. You will receive a statement annually in September.Yes, holdings can be transferred into SelfWealth trading from any Broker.

You can

Ordinary shares carry no special or preferred rights.A-REITs (Australian real estate investment trusts) give investors access to property assets.LICs are a subset of what the ASX calls listed managed investments.A debt security refers to money borrowed that must be repaid that has a fixed amount, a maturity date(s), and usually a specific rate of interest.ETFs are a type of security which combine features of both stocks and mutual funds. 2018, 2019 and 2020.Get 90 days free access to SelfWealth Premium -- follow and copy the top investors from a community of over 60,000. Login. Please note, each code can only be used once. E.g. We will automatically open an ANZ cash account for you as part of the SelfWealth trading application process. Powerful trading tools to manage your portfolio. Apply for a free SelfWealth Trading Account. We only allow you to use an ANZ Cash account for trading activities. The fee to trade is simple, one flat fee regardless of the size of the trade and no commission. Don't have access to your authenticator device?

If you wish to transfer holdings from your existing broker post application, you must complete a Broker to Broker Transfer form.

SelfWealth uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the solution. We will also provide you with an Annual Statement once a year for Tax purposes.Yes, following the establishment of your SelfWealth trading account your investments are held in your own name, Trust or SMSF as elected by you on your SelfWealth trading account application. clear Recovery Code login. Please enter your recovery code below. Please enter your recovery code below. Established in 2012, we’re an online community for investors, partnering to achieve a common purpose of better returns. All shares purchased through SelfWealth are CHESS sponsored.Yes. These reports can be exported into a PDF or CSV file and imported into most Accounting, Tax or SMSF software. This is a new world.

... SelfWealth will optimise your share trading performance using live pricing and an easy to follow order placement screen. Each ETF is designed to track an index and owns a number of stocks.Trade instructions are executed by OpenMarkets. Please note, each code can only be used once. Monitor the status of orders and receive reports on trades made, interest earnt and dividends received.

Please enter your authenticator code below. No subscription required, no commissions charged.We've won Money Magazine's 'Cheapest Online Broker' award three years running now. Login Cancel. SelfWealth is famous for its low brokerage fees for retail investors. ... For more information please refer to the SelfWealth Terms and Conditions. This will allow you to trade shares via the SelfWealth platform.

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