The takeaway from “Moneyball” should have been: “Imagine how good the Oakland Athletics would be if the team spent money.” Instead, it became: “The Oakland Athletics don’t need money to field a good team.”That philosophy has fueled MLB teams ever since. What was the Red Sox’ best trade-deadline acquisition? Clueless Red Sox tweet captures everything wrong with baseball in 2020Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. That always makes me feel better.If Boston fans need a little hope, remember that sometimes a "reset" does turn into a World Series run. The remaining games offer a chance to further evaluate players such as Jonathan Arauz, Michael Chavis, Bobby Dalbec, and Yairo Munoz and see how many of those pitchers are worth keeping around.The four trades opened playing time for others and the Sox should use that wisely. But with the Red Sox wallowing away in last place in what became a lost season in its opening week, fans did As such, the reaction on Twitter wasn’t quite what that social media team was expecting.And so, not long after it went live, the tweet disappeared from the universe.

Same.”The Red Sox’ Twitter account has really been in a lose-lose situation for some time. Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox. Trading away your best players isn't remember when mookie betts played for the red sox but now he doesntTell John Henry to keep me in his thoughts while he buys his 20th yacht, rightly deserved after saving all that money on not Mookie Betts You ever miss with an organizational approach, trade away a generational talent for pennies on the dollar to a team that immediately gives him what he wants because your billionaire owner was too cheap to give him what he wanted and then try to tell fans a bunch of BS? Teams have prioritized profits over World Series championships.

By not spending much in the offseason and offloading a few players at the 2020 deadline, the Red Sox were able to reset the penalty the team would pay if it exceeds the luxury tax — also known as a the competitive balance tax …

We can leave it at that.

The Red Sox certainly have … The Red Sox have not been competitive this year and traded away their best player, so when the team tweeted a celebration of getting under the luxury tax, it did not go over well. But it didn’t make for the best tweet.Red Sox Senior Manager of Media Relations & Baseball Information Justin Long’s tweet to Dan Shaughnessy (Screenshot from Twitter/@SoxNotes)Within an hour, the tweet wasn’t deleted … the entire account was deleted.Sox Notes Twitter page no longer existing. The Red Sox traded Sure, the social media team weren't the ones who choose to trade Betts, or shed salary elsewhere, but as the people designated to get angry messages from fans, they're often the ones who receive this hate, especially when there's easy bait like this miss of a tweet.Following the tweet, fans of course mentioned Betts and were also bringing up the luxury tax, criticizing Sox ownership for prioritizing the wrong things.

You did.Maybe you could get a custom jersey that says Luxury Tax. . (Screen shot from Twitter/@SoxNotes)The Boston Red Sox’ Twitter people are … having a day.

The Red Sox hired former Tampa Bay Rays executive Chaim Bloom as their chief baseball officer in October, tasking him with getting under the $208-million base threshold for 2020 … So, for those who missed the tweet:The team's social media people deserve credit, because they rather quickly admitted they made a mistake. The Red Sox certainly have …

Thus their competitive balance tax has officially been reset, freeing them to spend some money in the offseason.The tweet simply showed a picture of a “Reset” button, with the accompanying caption “iykyk” — as in, “if you know, you know.”Red Sox tweet celebrating resetting of competitive balance tax.

They did so with this incredibly dumb — and now deleted — tweet.The tweet is a take on a meme that usually features a person hitting the “upgrade” button on a keyboard.

They also picked up an interesting center field prospect in Jeisson Rosario in the Moreland deal.A short-term deal might make sense for both sides.

When the Boston Red Sox traded Mookie Betts and David Price to the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was a foregone conclusion the luxury tax …

In 2018, the Red Sox and Nationals were the only two teams that entered the season over the luxury tax. The Red Sox replaced the word “upgrade” with “reset.”The text on the tweet read “iykyk,” which stands for, “If you know, you know.” The Red Sox were referencing the team resetting the luxury tax in 2021.

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