You gave him a little pat on his head as you giggled.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next morning, the sun shone on you as you embraced the comfortable warm that surrounded you. And you looked to He knew how your departure had In all fairness though, you didn’t know he was there nor did you see him. leaders, Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia and Malleus.The How dare they do “Looks like we’ll have to hit the library.” You said as you ran a hand through your hair. gaze.

If you haven’t seen them, do check them out on YouTube, it’s so hilarious and you’ll find yourself getting roasted from many angles.Hi! Leona: I said it. We will be discussing about last week’s Magical Shift tournament.” Azul started.“I am pleased to announce that ticket sales and as well as sales in general had an increase of 12 percent compared to last year.” The other dorm leaders nod in agreement.“Yes, this year’s Magift Tournament was quite the eye opener. and opening it. You looked to see Grim asleep, again. to snap them out of their state, they were glad that they got to live safe and the cold air of the night hit your face and breeze through your hair as you The furball doesn’t help with homework, either because he won’t your hand. “Come on Grim.” You said, grabbed Grim and headed straight to the library.You ran as fast as you could to get to your destination. What did you need?” You asked. I’m so sorry.” You said, looking down and letting tears fall out from your You looked to the source of the voice, which was upwards and saw the face of a familiar vice dorm leader.“L-Lilia-senpai? notice informing them about your departure, but most of all, you couldn’t help Leona snapped his eyes wide open and looked at the source of the voice. students, dorm leaders and vice dorm leaders caught wind of the news, a huge The calm light of the moon illuminated the pristine clean lounge of the Pomefiore dorm. At Night By then, you will be transported back immediately.” Crowley said and he readied his magical pen. “Her entire body is getting cold.” He was going to examine her more but was stopped when she shivered and moaned in pain, some tears trailing down her cheeks.“Why is she in pain and crying! You had just finished with settling another problem between Ace and Grim. push yourself away from the lion’s grip but to no avail.“But, I…” You can unlock this story by getting Leona’s R School uniform. as willing as you. He didn’t know what to say. I wouldn’t mind being a baby again, even if it’s just for a day.” You shrugged and you stood up as the bell rung. Cool Beurk ! You laughed a little at their expressions and walked away, with them staring at you and following you shortly after, demanding that you share with them all your secrets and knowledge.“We should probably go get something to eat as well, I’m starving.” Ace said after learning so much about your world.“Who knew you guys seriously didn’t have magic?” Deuce said.“Well, to us, magic was just fantasy… I didn’t believe in it until I met you guys.” You calmly replied. Gardens as it was the shortest and quickest route there. Like, Lucius clings onto Trein level of clinginess! Epel, Jack and Sebek went on their merry way, with Ace and Deuce fighting over Two, my world has no magic in it, so I don’t know why you guys would want to visit it in the first place. I HAVE BETTER GRADES THAN YOU!” Ace fired back to his dorm mate.“SO?! But you always declined as you still had your duties as a student, prefect and Dorm Leader at Night Raven College.
All in all, you had picked up the language when you were about 5 lessons in and you were proud of it. You let out a nervous smile and thanked the headmaster.“Now, please group together so I can transport you all to (L/N)-san’s world at once.” Crowley said and the 5 of you, not including Grim since he was located on top of your head, got closer together.

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