People are free to move in and out of Freetown without any issues. Anonymous. Be wary of pickpockets in public transport.There is an extreme threat of petty crimen since the poverty in Sierra Leone is extreme. Please enter a valid Email address These disturbances normally disperse quickly, but if you encounter an incident, you should leave the area immediately. Sierra Leone is generally safe, although the biggest dangers are the roads and the tides, both of which can claim travellers who aren't vigilant about safety. Couscous, fried egg with bread, and a strong tea called Ataya are also widely available.You will need a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate to enter Sierra Leone. You'll certainly need to show it to border control agents at your next destination.Malaria is common in Sierra Leone. Whilst the seas close to the beach are general safe for strong swimmers, there have been numerous cases over the years of locals and tourists drowning due to strong currents. Sierra Leone is generally safe, although the biggest dangers are the roads and the tides, both of which can claim travellers who aren't vigilant about safety. All rights reserved. They ply set routes and you can either hop in with other people or offer to ˆ (charter) the entire vehicle and direct the driver wherever you want (try to agree the fee beforehand to avoid being ripped off. Be aware of pickpocketing on public transport.Most roads in Freetown, and all roads outside the main cities, are unlit, and travel on the highways outside of Freetown should be avoided after dark wherever possible. It is still generally safe out there for women or anybody for that matter. Tourists are free to walk about both day and night. )The roads going from Freetown to the other major towns are generally quite good. And Sierra Leone has many reserves where you can see a wide variety of animals.In Sierra Leone, less than 40% of households have access to clean, safe drinking water. Latest travel advice for Sierra Leone, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. You need to be young, hardy and able to look after yourself.

There are licenced taxis parked within the airport car park, or you can try your luck finding a taxi or motorbike on the main road outside.Traveling by road is probably the most dangerous part of visiting Sierra Leone. The Email address or Password is incorrect The biggest hassle I might experience from walking the streets is people shouting, “white gyal” or saying “I love you.” About that. yeah the roads aren’t great in a lot of places but it’s generally a safe and exceedingly friendly place to go. Pastor Emmanuel Momoh was born on December 25, 1975.

Some airlines won't let you board if you can't produce it. I’ve lived in and traveled to sierra leone off and on since 2006. The country enjoys peace and tranquility. Sleep under a bed net and use mosquito spray where necessary.Also, be aware of typhoid (vaccinations are available). The area in and around the national stadium is also well-known for theft, especially during big events like music concerts or football games.It is advised not to take large amounts of cash to such events and, if possible it is a good idea to get a cheap ($20) feature phone with a local SIM so that you can leave your expensive smartphone behind.Exercise caution walking around central Freetown and the “PZ” area at night, as well as any roads that are not paved.There are occasional fights between rival groups of youths in the central and eastern areas of Freetown around Siaka Stevens Street, Lightfoot Boston Street and Sir Samuel Lewis Road. Will you expose yourself to new diseases in a country will virtually no health care infrastructure? Email address

You are more likely to be mugged in New York or shot dead in Detroit than Sierra Leone.

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