Placing somewhere in the middle as a returnee should be a humble enough position for the club and fans.At the end of the season, who will be first among equals? He is also noted for moulding youngsters which seems to be the guiding principle of eleven-is-to-one, making him a perfect fit for the club. Clottey [NR] – spent too little time on the pitch for a proper assessment. After almost 2 months of inactivity, the media then realised the impact the court case was having.Granted, that was the big story at that moment so you would expect it to overshadow everything else but not for a week and over. The spirited player picked a yellow card in the 38th minute. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying forget about the AFCON, No, afterall it’s the biggest showpiece on the continent but not at the expense of our already faltering league. He probably came to sun-gaze!A. Oct. 09. Well if you don’t know now you know.The days of waiting for sports highlight or sports beat before football fans can be served with latest (though almost a week old) news is over with social media bringing timely breaking news. All thanks to Twitter and Facebook.Is First Capital Plus Premeir League ( Name is too long anyways) and the Ghana Football Association managers aware there is a great opportunity out there to bring back the lost love for local league football? This is way much faster than even the television stations with their monday night football highlights.These monday night football news have changed the landscape a bit but it still makes you feel like you are listening to old news when they broadcast. Some even dedicate three hours of airtime everyday since last week to talk about the Stars preparation in Spain. Some might say it was worth it others like me couldn’t bare it. Unless they don’t know. Ghana will now need to go to Malawi and hold them off to qualify to the tournament finals.Here is how we rated each player over a 10-point scale.A.

His crosses were suspect.J. He was substituted in the 70th minute.BERNARD YAO-KUMORDZI was brought on in the 85th minute.The game was closed until Michael Essien was substituted in the 65th minute; then all the 5 goals were scored.Kwadwo Asamoah played the entire game, during which he displayed great vision on the left flank.Even though ENOCH ADU KOFI  had a relatively good game, it was not enough to save FC Nordsjaelland.Two quick-fire goals scored before the 20th minute by Zah Kringa were enough to down Ghana who had traveled to Liberia to play in an international friendly match. Really?We always accuse the Ghana football association as been Blackstars focused and I used to be one of the accusers. Already the controversial coach was all over the news during preseason in regards to his contract obligations with the club after having issues with the caliber of players the club has. Here is a video of Ghana’s first president and the Black Stars!EMMANUEL AGYEMAN BADU played 58 minutes for Udinese before he was substituted.JOHN PAINTSIL played the full match and picked a yellow card in the 88th minute.A 94th minute ANDRE AYEW header saved the day for Marseille. Asante [5] – Did not bring anything special to the game.E. Great work by captain Sara Daebritz down the left saw her pick out Venus El-Kassam. We have qualifiers, Champions league, Confederations cup and Morocco 2015 all in the next six months to consider when scheduling games as these will necessitate breaks in the league not to mention Fa cup with its issues as well. Those who are not starting early next month have their fixtures for the upcoming 2014/2015 season already.In Ghana the situation is different as the last team to earn promotion to the Premier division is not yet known, not to mention congress, the highest decision-making body is yet to be convened as I write this piece.The playoffs have been postponed and a new date to be confirmed according to the FA website.

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