:)For Jennifer you could do come again jen (it rhymes) like rhyming phrases that fit with emma or em For em I was thinking: up and at em Any suggestions would be great thanks!Which name do you like best for my car?Recently bought a BLACK Porsche Macan GTS. Another mention of the name was in the 1960s British television series The Avengers (Adventures of Emma Peel). I'm not to sure myself...It's from Old German. 1 definition by Enma:3. (Eldest even amongst my first cousins, and the only child of my pa...First name for the middle name Thomas?I really love Carter Thomas, Jesse Thomas flows great and Liam is one of my fave names! Love both names, but it just doesn't work. It's gorgeous! The Academy Award winning British actress and writer Emma Thompson is one of the most famous bearers of this name. The variants are Amelia, Emily and Emmanuella. The only difference in writing it in ancient greek would be that u add a symbol. Enma can be used for boys or girls, and a semi-popular name for evil characters in 'animes' (a Japanese cartoon) Enma sure is evil. 1 decade ago.
Emma is derived from the Germanic word "Ermen" which means complete or universal. How about leaving all the Pamela's of the world alone and rag on a George or Mary for a while...Do you call your parents by their real names instead of mom and dad?I am the eldest sibling in my house. Some say they are ..i just would like to know cause if i consider to call my daughter s middle name Rose then it ll remind me of that horrific film The exorcism of Emily Rose ..my daughter s first name is Emma but Emma Rose still reminds me of the film....what you think ?I think Emma is beautiful name, i take it Rose is the surname so not sure why people are recommending something elseWhat are some pretty words that mean the name Emma?Im so sorry about your child! In English The meaning of the name Emma is: Whole; complete.How do you think about the answers? This is also the name of the central character, the matchmaker Emma Woodhouse, in Jane Austen's novel 'Emma'. In the novel Emma is depicted as a rich and clever young woman with a romantic nature. Whic...Help with Japanese honorifics?If you are a japanese speaker, would you please list all the honorifics that you know, ( i need more than -chan and -kun ) and also if ...Can u pls translate this to any language u know?Ich liebe dich.

In Greek however, I doubt they had the name Emma in Ancient Greek. Lv 4. !There is a lot to know about the Greek and Egyptian Myt...Im 18 do you need a permit to get a license, if so how long do i have to keep it until i get a licence in CaliYou go to the DMV, take a paper test, usually 40-60...Middle name for Katerina?First off--congratulations! The name has been widely used in literature as well as in modern day entertainment; the most famous among them being novelist Jane Austen's (1775-1817) humorous novel Emma with the protagonist of the novel bearing the name Emma. RIP John Lennon — Oct. 9, 1940-Dec. 8, 1980 RIP George Harrison — Feb. 25, 1943-Nov. 29, 2001 Keep on rockin' Paul and Ringo! Babies are born swimmers. Names I've fo...Your opinion on these name??

Emma definition: former communications code for the letter M | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Lv 7. Allow me to clarify; Emma is originally a German name meaning "All-containing; universal" Also Emma might be a form of Erma, a short form of various names which begin with the Germanic element Erm(en), Irm(en) which can mean 'strong' but is more literally translated as "whole" or "universal". Please suggest meaning of name Emma in other country, history of name and famous personality with name Emma or you like to put your any comment/suggestion on this name for other visitors.
It looks like a backwards c and it goes up by the accent beside Ε. The meaning of the name Emma is universal; whole; complete. 1. No need to make a work...How do most people imagine how you look based on your name?My name “ Ankita” sounds like to be an Indian girl with a well-mannered & perfectly organised technique...Would you name your cat Pamela?You know you are getting a bit boring.

Hopefully I can help you and happy choosing, DeeIs the name Emily and the name Emma connected in some way.?

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