Wind is the movement of air caused by pressure differences at the earth’s surface, which in turn are caused by the differential heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Weather Warnings & Advisories While planning permission normally expires after 5 years, the Planning and Development Act 2000 section 41 allows for a longer period.

These mechanisms have shifted from the initial use of competitive auctions in the late 1990s, to a Although the waters off the Atlantic coastline of Ireland have higher winds, sites along the eastern coastline such as Arklow were chosen because of the shallower waters, which are 20 m deep or less. The study declined to analyze the cost effectiveness of the required changes because "determination of costs and benefits had become extremely dependent on the assumptions made" and this uncertainty would have impacted the robustness of the results.COM/2015/082 final: "Achieving the 10% electricity interconnection target" Wind energy is currently the largest contributing resource of renewable energy in Ireland. For example, the rather low frequency of southerly winds at Dublin Airport is due to the sheltering effect of the mountains to the south. The study found that for Scenario 6, "a significant number of hours characterized by extreme system situations occurred where load and reserve requirements could not be met. It is both Ireland’s largest and cheapest renewable electricity resource. This issue was rectified by the Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010 section 28 which inserted an additional paragraph allowing a once off extension not exceeding 5 years if "there were considerations of a commercial, economic or technical nature beyond the control of the applicant which substantially militated against either the commencement of development or the carrying out of substantial works pursuant to the planning permission" National & Regional Forecasts in the vicinity of the station. The diurnal variation is greatest on sunny days and least on dull days. The diurnal variation is much more pronounced in summer than in winter. Digital giant Amazon has planned to expand its renewable energy sourcing capacity in Ireland by investing in a new 115MW wind farm project in Ardderroo, Galway. During the course of a typical day, the range (difference between the highest and lowest) of mean hourly wind speed is considerable. Ireland's instantaneous wind power generation fluctuates between near zero and 3,071 MWConcerns over energy security (Ireland lacks fossil fuel resources, and has extensive wind resources), climate change mitigation policies, and compliance with EU Directives for market liberalisation, have all shaped wind power development in Ireland Southern, western and midland counties in the Republic of Ireland bore the brunt of the storm, but County Cork saw the strongest winds and coastal flooding.

The walk way also provides aesthetic scenery on a relatively flat landscape.
In January the southerly and south-easterly winds are more prominent than in July, which has a high frequency of westerly winds. The Bord na Mona wind farm in Mount Lucas, Daingean, Co.Offaly has provided a local walk way through the newly established wind farm that attracts people of all ages. At present it is common to apply and obtain a 10-year permission for a wind energy development. The work will create 150 jobs in construction, as well as requiring about 1m tonnes of stone from local quarries, which will create hundreds more jobs.

Winds play a key role in the global transport of heat and energy. Atlantic Charts – 7 day Forecast The prevailing wind direction is between south and west. Peer-reviewed journal articles by Met Éireann staff members

Wind over Ireland The wind at a particular location can be influenced by a number of factors such as obstruction by buildings or trees, the nature of the terrain and deflection by nearby mountains or hills. Data used in this section have not been homogenised or corrected for roughness.Wind speed and direction are continuously recorded and tabulated, either manually or automatically depending on the station location and type. The tendency for maximum wind speed to occur in the afternoon is noticeable only in the long-term figures and on individual days the maximum may be at any hour.

Smartphone Users: the homepage weather info is best viewed on our The wind at a particular location can be influenced by a number of factors such as obstruction by buildings or trees, the nature of the terrain and deflection by nearby mountains or hills.

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