A colony of 6 multies live with us in a 29-gallon tank with sand for... Feeds on sand-dwelling invertebrates (Ref. The Peacock Cichlids are placed in the Aulonocara genus which contains only about 28 species, but with many subspecies. The males tend to get aggressive towards other males while breeding.

The Flavescent Peacock (Aulonocara stuartgranti) is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family. Its natural habitat is freshwater lakes. When bringing home new fish, dump the bag contents (fish and water) into a clean (used only for fish) 5-gallon bucket and then add about 1 cup of aquarium water to the 5 gallon bucket every 10 minutes. Origin: Chiwindi, MozambiqueHabitat: Intermediate ZoneDiet: CarnivoreGender Differences: DimorphicBreeding: Maternal MouthbrooderTemperament: PeacefulConspecific Temperament: Mildly AggressiveMaximum Size: 6"Temperature: 78-82°FpH: 7.8-8.6Water Hardness: Hard Provide plenty of hiding space, or separation to reduce aggression.

Flavescent peacock. Only a few species, however, are commonly kept in aquariums, and these include the African butterfly peacock, the flavescent peacock, the sunshine peacock, the Nkhomo-benga peacock, the maulana bicolor peacock, the Aulonocara Fort Maguire cichlid, and the Aulonocara blue gold cichlid.

Bestseller Products QUICK VIEW This fish will thrive in a community cichlid tank.

Some individuals of a population are very shy and hide permanently in caves whereas others form large schools over sand.

Provide plenty of hiding space, or separation to reduce aggression. Our cichlids are males Care level : Easy. Otopharynx lithobates lithobates is a cave living species. Scientific Name:Protomelas Taeniolatus  Pronunciation: pr-t-m-ls t-n--lt-sCommon Name(s): Red EmpressGeo. The males tend to get aggressive towards other males while breeding. It is the brilliant colorations of blues, reds and yellows that give this group the well deserved name of "Peacock". Our Yellow Peacock Cichlids are least 3.5″ inches in size. Scientific Name: Aulonocara stuartgranti(Undu Reef)Common Name(s): Blue NeonGeo. The Flavescent Peacock Cichlid is a favorite because of it’s amazing color. Origin and locale/variety: Nkhomo Reef--Malawi, Lake Malawi, East Africa Size: Adults are usually 5.0 to 6.5 inches in aquarium environment.

With its large size and very pronounced coloration it immediately draws...

Buy beautiful Flavescent Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara stuartgranti usisya) from Live Fish Direct. Common name: Flavescent Peacock Scientific name: Aulonocara stuartgranti (Usisya) Average Adult Fish Size: 5.5 Inches Place of Origin: Lake Malawi Typical Tank setup: Rocky Malawi tank with plenty of open swimming space Compatibility: Combine with other Lake Malawi hap and Aulonocara species Temperature: 78-82 Deg F Water chemistry: pH 7.8-8.6 Post author By adminfl; Post date February 6, 2009; Stocking Fish Tips: Slowly acclimate fish to your current setup or preferrably a quarantine tank. The Flavescent Peacock Cichlid is a favorite because of it’s amazing color.


Aulonocara Stuartgranti - German Red Peacock. Neolamprologus multifasciatus is the smallest known cichlid in the world and are affectionately called "multies." $19.95. After an hour or so your fish should be ready to add to the aquarium.5 African Cichlid Peacocks - Stock Your Tank with These 5 Fish! Its common name refers to its "flavescent" (yellowish) colour. The Frontosa Cichlid Cyphotilapia frontosa (originally Paratilapia frontosa) is a very handsome fish and held in the highest regard by cichlid keepers. VegasValleyCichlids.com will also refund (Not Store Credit) on any DOA'S that involve carrier mishandling, which includes delays (Less than 48 hours), damaged boxes or water temperature extremes. Aulonocara stuartgranti. 5595). Stocking Fish Tips: Slowly acclimate fish to your current setup or preferrably a quarantine tank. Flavescent Peacock (Aulonocara stuartgranti) Nkhomo Benga Peacock (Aulonocara baenschi) Sunshine Peacock (Aulonocara stuartgranti) In my experience the two most common varieties are the red and blue Peacocks.

This is a species with several geographic color variants which can be found in the southern part of the lake.

Aulonocara Flavescent Usisya DOA's must be reported the day of arrival and be accompanied by an emailed photo to ensure refund.Get all the latest information on Stocklists, Events, Sales and Offers.$45 Flat Rate Fast and Reliable Overnight Shipping Common Names: Star SapphireScientific Name: Placidochromis phenocilusOrigin: Northeastern shoreline between Makonde and Lupingu, Tanzania and at Kasinda, Malawi.Habitat: Shallow WatersGender Differences: DimorphicBreeding: Maternal MouthbrooderTemperament: PeacefulDiet: CarnivoreMaximum Size: 9"Minimum Tank Size: 60GPH Range: 7.8-8.6Temperature: 24-28cWater Hardness: Hard The phenocilus was placed in the Placidochromis... Sex differences: Males obtain a beautiful bright yellow coloration with a metallic blue...

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