He was born on June 18, 1884 in Asheville, North Carolina at his family's estate, the Reynolds House. He traveled extensively in his remaining years — taking his youngest child around the world, and across the country. The mood could not have been more optimistic.” The horrifying real-life impact of overseas fascism had pulled the brake on Reynolds’s brand of anti-interventionism. “When Reynolds left office in 1945,” says Pleasants, “America and its allies had won the war, the economy was booming, and America was the most powerful nation in the world. Reynolds attended public and He also was quite vocal in his belief that Britain, and Europe in general, needed to care for itself, and that the US should notAnd while he hadn’t previously been known for racist campaigning, in the runup to his reelection to the Senate, Reynolds helped his Southern colleagues filibuster an In January 1939, after winning reelection, Reynolds launched the Vindicators Association — an organization devoted to keeping America out of the war, registering and fingerprinting all immigrant “aliens,” curtailing immigration for a decade, and deporting “criminal” aliens. As his New York Times “One could hardly imagine a more damaging endorsement,” Pleasants wrote. It serves as a reminder of the heights American hypernationalism, anti-interventionism, and nativism reached in the not-too-distant past.

This wall, though, isn’t the one Trump boasted about on the 2016 campaign trail and is now asking Congress for money to build. Meet Robert Reynolds, the senator who wanted to “build a wall” 70 years before Trump He was elected In 1926, Reynolds first ran for the US Senate, but was unsuccessful. “While a gifted campaigner,” Pleasants said, Reynolds “was not much of a politician at all; he didn’t know much about any issue — but he was a bon vivant.”The incumbent opponent in the North Carolina Democratic primary that year was At campaign stops, Reynolds would theatrically unfurl a red carpet, imitating the life of his rival, and described how each breakfast for the hotel resident consisted of $2 “Red Russian” caviar eggs, rather than good-old North Carolina hen eggs, for “26 cents” a dozen. The following year, he tried briefly to gain support for a third-party candidacy, which fell apart. Meet Robert Reynolds, the senator who wanted to “build a wall” 70 years before Trump Sen. Robert Rice Reynolds was a showman and an isolationist.

But the 2016 campaign dusted off Reynolds’s old tropes. Read the 2018 report for more information about that year's respondents. Ironically, Reynolds distanced himself from Charles Lindbergh’s America First group, finding their reputation too controversial for his constituents. You can ask Robert Reynolds to fill out this survey by using the button below or emailing robert@robert4texas.com. newsletter A most atypical southern politician and U. S. Senator from 1933 to 1945, Robert Rice Reynolds was an unabashed isolationist and Anglophobe, whose foreign policy positions, not economic ones, alienated him from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He also started on his path toward opining on limiting immigration. And the VINDICATORS are describing our alien population as the cause of both domestic decay and foreign complications, lack of idealistic progressiveness and radicalism, economic clogs and avaricious job stealers, communists and fascists...The VINDICATORS attack aliens and isms and tempt a nation with empty slogans hinting of hate. Noteworthy respondents included U.S. These days their name is so rehabilitated, our White House has adopted the slogan. Pax Americana. Robert Rice Reynolds, U.S. senator and attorney, was born in Asheville, the son of William Taswell and Mamie Spears Reynolds.

But that’s because there were massive, external geopolitical forces — Hitler and Mussolini’s rise to power, the Holocaust, and World War II — that highlighted the possible dangers of his beliefs. By the time he took over the chairmanship of the Military Affairs Committee in 1941, there was much Meanwhile, the Vindicators Association was still publishing its noxious newsletter. Trump isn’t the first showman known nearly as much for his marital lives as for his tendency toward oratorical extremes about refugees and “criminal” immigrants. His first marriage was in 1910 to Frances Jackson (1889–1913). We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Asheville: Advocate Publishing Co., 1923. The Asheville Citizen wrote that he was a “cowboy, roustabout, adventurer, clown, bon vivant, U.S. Senator,” but also noted that his isolationism had ruined his political career. Once in DC, Reynolds joined the Washington cocktail party crowd, and his folksy routine was mostly shelved (except for that old Ford — he kept that). Many of his obituaries blurred his darker political proclivities in a haze of friendly nostalgia. 1897). He Reynolds’s popularity was now at a low; he didn’t seek reelection. Germany, 1945.

A child survivor of Buchenwald concentration camp sitting on an UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) truck.

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