She has blonde hair with light gray eyes about her hair and eyes color.Meghann Fahy Age, Height, Net Worth, Married, Husband Similarly, Marta is also UNHCR ambassador to  Saves Australia’s Children. Marta Dusseldorp is an actress from Australia for stage, movie and theater. They met at the Sydney Opera house, where she was performing in a play. Her maternal grandfather was Sandy Robertson, a Sydney paediatrician. Her grandfather, Dick Dusseldorp, was a Dutch-born engineer and the founder of Lend Lease Corporation. Dusseldorp and Winspear met in 2003 when she appeared at the Sydney Opera House in a play. The estimated net worth of Marta Dusseldorp is about $1 million. His was an incredible line of doctors who regularly treated the poor without charge.
Your world becomes more populated.”Learning about these converging histories has helped Dusseldorp feel more Australian herself, with the ‘wog’ tag attached to her Dutch background and her odd sense of humour often holding her apart as a kid.

She attended Geelong Grammar School, graduating in 1990, and the University of New South Wales, where she majored in theatre and film for two years. She was also the one who suggested marriage to her husband and persuaded him to marry. “Lina created a place for people to belong, and that’s every walk of life. Her maternal grandfather was Sandy Robertson, a Sydney paediatrician. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. She then went on to study at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. “It was really acute how I had come from learning about the medical path, so there I am sitting there and I’m thinking of these people who now have faces for me and voices almost. Marta Dusseldorp, 46, was born under Aquarius ‘ birth sign on February 1, 1973. With her long-term boyfriend and present husband Ben Winspear, Marta Dusseldorp walked down the aisle. “I was thrilled with that, that it wasn’t about profit or self-aggrandisement, it was about people who understood what it was to have a meeting place to bring together all parts of community,” Dusseldorp says, noting that her own brother, also a doctor, recently performed a small operation on her. Likewise, Lend Lease Corporation’s founder is her grandma Dick Dusseldrop. She roared through life,”" says the engaging Australian actor Marta Dusseldorp, sitting at Paddington’'s Alimentari café. She is married to her love Benjamin Winspear aka Ben. Marta Dusseldorp was born in 1973 in Australia. Marta Dusseldorp met her husband-to-be way back in 2003. The pair decided to get married soon afterwards.
There’s a through line here too about charity. According to, her Burning Man film has a $13,879 global box office, Praise (2000) has a $30,432 gross globally, while Paradise Road (1997) has a $1,990,257 domestic box office.Marta Dusseldorp has a nice physical slim body. She was born to Australia’s parents. The couple is blessed with two daughters: Maggie Winspear and Grace Winspear. The stylish Dusseldorp has clearly inherited her mother’’s strength. Marta is the granddaughter of Dutch-born engineer Dick Dusseldorp, the founder of Lend Lease Corporation. Moving on to her personal life, Marta is a married woman and mother of two. Likewise, Lend Lease Corporation’s founder is her grandma Dick Dusseldrop. She is married to Ben Winspear… And as our Indigenous First Nations people have taught us, if you have a place you can go, that you know is from your family, then you can reconnect to the earth and feel a sense of belonging.” Her husband is also an actor and theater recognized. The duo emerged in different locations sharing their time and strengthening their bonding. One of Australia’s most recognisable actors, Marta Dusseldorp, who portrays savvy senior prosecutor The Aquarian lives in Hobart with her partner and former Turns out that watery connection holds true on her mother’s side too, as she discovered while filling in the blanks in an emotional episode of Skipping forward a bit, her great, great grandmother Lina Probst left Bern behind when she took advantage of cheap transport by boat to Sydney. From Swiss rivers to Glasgow doctors, a steady stream of good will flow from A Place To Call Home star Marta Dusseldorp’s foremothers. She is the granddaughter of Sandy Robertson, a Sydney pediatrician. He is an actor best known for his work in films like My Place, The Babadook, and Panic at Rock Island. Dusseldorp is the granddaughter of Dutch-born engineer Dick Dusseldorp, the founder of Lend Lease Corporation. Lina's daughter Gwenda would go on to marry Dusseldorp’s grandfather, Scottish paediatrician Sandy Robertson form Dumbarton near Glasgow.

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