The profile of the cat head is "stepped" of two levels.

To obtain its individual attributes, other domestic cats including the Orientals were used in breeding. -About the Ukrainian Levkoy Breed: A fairly new breed in the last 19 years originally developed in Ukraine. All straight eared kittens do not have any dominant FD gene. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a mixed breed cat–a cross between the Donskoy and Scottish Fold breeds. You may find these cats in shelters and rescues, so remember to adopt! Created by crossing or by outbreeding hairless Russian Donskoy females with Scottish Fold males, the Ukrainian Levkoy has a distinct and unique appearance. Feline sun blocks should be applied if you decide to take your pet out during the day. Prominent cheekbones and eyebrows form angular outlines of the head. It may also inherit some of the genetic ailments like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from its parent breeds.Since these cats are sensitive to heat and cold, they are generally kept indoors. They enjoy play and do need attention throughout the day but are not an overly demanding or needy cat. The other parent must have folded ears since their genotype has the dominant FD gene in its heterozygous form too. Start housebreak, obedience, and socialization training early, preferably within a short time after adopting the kitten.Apart from providing your pet with rich sources of animal protein (like raw beef, chicken, sardine, salmon, and tuna), you can include quality canned and dry foods in its diet. Other disqualify in accordance with the show rules. The Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukrainian: Український левкой) is a cat breed of distinct appearance, having inward-folding ears and little to no hair. They enjoy play and do need attention throughout the day but are not an overly demanding or needy cat. This breed is still under development as it is being mated by the breeder organizations.Despite its weird appearance, the Levkoy with its loving, playful, and pleasant personality makes a great feline companion for pet lovers. These felines are known for being inquisitive, playful, and affectionate.

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The straight variety of the Ukrainian Levkoy is the complemented and necessary partner of the breed. It was bred out from the hairless Don Sphynx or Donskoy cats.

While the adults need 2 meals each day, the kittens should be given 3-4 small meals. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a breed of medium-sized cat with a well-proportioned body that may appear slender, and at the same time muscular. The Levkoy's peculiar features are: special angular contour of its From the top view the head of a Ukrainian Levkoy resembles a soft outlined pentagon that is a little longer than it is broad, where the muzzle length is only 1/3 the length of the head. It exhibits initial reluctance and reclusive behavior when brought to a new environment, but apart from that, it is extremely sociable, enjoying the company of humans as well as other pets like pigs, rats, and dogs.It gets along well with children and does not mind playing with them.
Its legs are rather long with long mobile toes.

For example, too short or round of a head, round eyes, short "cobby" body, weak chin, or stressful behavior. They love affection and attention - whether it is playing or curling up in their favorite human's lap.

They have soft, elastic skin; an excess of which leads to a wrinkled appearance. Bathing once a month with mild feline shampoo will keep its skin clean and free from infections.While its nails should be clipped every 2-4 weeks, you can brush its teeth every week for dental hygiene. As a vocal cat, it likes to meow and purr through the day but makes more noise at dinner time.The hairless (or minimal haired) Levkoy is prone to skin related problems. Don’t shop if …

Their body is supported by long and well-boned legs that end with oval paws and fine toes. The ears are large and set high and wide apart.

The modified wedge-shaped head is topped with widely set large ears that fold forward towards the head. In 2005, the ICFA RUI recognized this breed in Ukraine, and it was recognized by the ICFA WCA in Russia in 2010…

Ukrainian Levkoys are … Its ears may produce excessive wax, which should be regularly cleaned with a soft cotton ball dipped in a liquid ear cleaner.Some typical health concerns of this breed include sunburn, tooth decay, gum problems, hypothermia, and skin cancer. Its inward-folding ears, large almond-shaped eyes, and a long tail further enhance its strange and unique appearance.For the first time in 2000, a Ukrainian breeder Elena Biryukova produced the Levkoy cat by crossing a Donskoy female with a The resultant breed inherited the dominant genetic trait of baldness from its Russian Donskoy parent and the trait of folded ears from the In 2005, the ICFA RUI recognized this breed in Ukraine, and it was recognized by the ICFA WCA in Russia in 2010. A hairless cat breed from the Ukraine! It should include cat gyms, toys, scratching towers and if possible an indoor garden full of non … This pet displays affection for its owner by following him or her around the house, often enjoying a loving cuddle. 1/2 to 1/3 of each ear is roundly folded forward and down, without touching the head.Disqualification results due to defects of the born structures, or crossed eyes. The resultant breed inherited the dominant genetic trait of baldness from its Russian Donskoy parent and the trait of folded ears from the Scottish Foldparent. Several playing sessions a day with scratching posts, trees, and other cat toys will help them in their indoor activities and prevent boredom.

If you have an indoor garden, allow your Ukrainian Levkoy cat to run and play in it.Training them is easy because of their high intelligence level. The upper lines of the nose bridge and of the head are almost parallel.

The Ukrainian Levkoy Cat is a recently developed hairless breed with folded ears.
Make sure that you divide your pet’s daily food into several smaller meals.

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