Some of them you can use immediately, talking to your Russian friends and clients.

Do you want to read Russian fiction, non-fiction, or newspapers and magazines? Happy Russian language learning!

1000 Most Common Russian Words.

1000 Most Common Russian Words.

Your comment was really helpful.Thank you so much for this vocabulary list. Could you use it in a sentence please? By clicking Join Now, you agree to our

"Good afternoon," is a greeting used from noon to early evening.Посещение друзей после ужина обычно ведет к хорошему вечеру.Посещение друзей после ужина обычно ведет к хорошему вечеру.Posescheniye druzey posle uzhina obychno vedyot k horoshemu vecheru.visiting friends after dinner usually leads to a good evening.Понедельник, вторник, среда, четверг и пятница - будние дни.Понедельник, вторник, среда, четверг и пятница - будние дни.Ponedel'nik, vtornik, sreda, chetverg i pyatnitsa - budniye dni.Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are weekdays.Следующий вторник - национальный праздник, поэтому мы отправимся в однодневную поездку.Следующий вторник - национальный праздник, поэтому мы отправимся в однодневную поездку.Sleduyushchiy vtornik - natsional'nyy prazdnik, poetomu my otpravimsya v odnodnevnuyu poyezdku.Next Tuesday is a national holiday, so we'll go on a day trip.Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after tomorrow is Thursday.Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after tomorrow is Thursday.

(A russian music duet).After Taking a train ride from Helsinki to Vladivostok I found a desire to better associate with the people I met.


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