An xBACON of .400 or above is elite, .350 or so is good. We hoped you liked reading Updated xStats Expected 2017 Stats by Andrew Perpetua! I saw xBACON this winter and I thought autocorrect did something in an article at first!As for OUTs, wouldn’t it be a good idea to apply weights to the positive outcomes?

This would tank his batting average, and he’d probably land in the .220-.230 range just like Todd Frazier.Overall, he is bound to face regression, no doubt about it. I just discovered a couple of months ago. Above 4 is poor, much like ERA.The other stat is scFIP or statcast FIP. Dave Cherman explains xStats and how they are the next wave of sabermetrics.You may have seen Nick, myself, or one of the other writers here refer to xStats or you may have seen a stat like “xAVG”, “xBACON”, and “bbFIP” and wondered what it is and why we’re talking about bacon while discussing baseball.xStats, from, are an incredible tool for evaluating players and the validity of their statistics. I thought these made sense and aided in my understanding. xStats projects him to hit .253/.329/.473 with .802 OPS and 23 home runs. These colors represent wOBA value.
But does that mean Schimpf’s production itself is unsustainable? That… that almost never happens, so if that’s a real stat as opposed to a measurement error, you shouldn’t expect it to repeat.None of this should necessarily sour your tastes on Kepler, but it might serve to temper expectations a bit. For reference, balls hit above 36 degrees have the following stats:Mmmm BACON and donuts. I hope that you are all a little more informed on how xStats work, how they’re calculated, and their role in baseball analysis. I also urge each of you to check out VH% or “Value Hits per plate appearance” measures how many of a player’s batted balls end up as near automatic extra-base hits, as VHs end in extra-base hits 81% of the time. Both of these guys flirted with league average batting average a few times while otherwise remaining well below average in that department. Win Probability & Box Scores as distributed by STATS. The Official Website of the South Alabama Jaguars. There are players who have large amounts of missing Statcast data, which I will try to skip over for the purposes of this piece.

My man Cameron Rupp (yet another Phillie!) However, there’s always something to be gained when looking at actual game performance, and in this case xStats points towards a lot of question marks.The xStats projections are far beneath the Steamer projections in all categories.

bbFIP is also emerging as a favorite among the Pitcher List staff to compare vs ERA.

Play-by-play data prior to 2002 was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted

All UZR (ultimate zone rating) calculations are provided courtesy of Mitchel Lichtman.All Win Expectancy, Leverage Index, Run Expectancy, and Fans Scouting Report data licenced from Many of you have likely heard of FIP or Fielding Independent Pitching, which attempts to calculate ERA based on league average results on balls in play; bbFIP takes this stat one step further by calculating ERA based on the player’s individual, actual batted balls, ie batted ball FIP or bbFIP. Basically, what percentage of a player’s plate appearances result in high-quality contact.

This is not an ideal donut. These are the sorts of guys I personally find easier to trade after a draft, assuming your drafts have already concluded (and at this point that seems like a fair assumption).Much has been written about Schimpf’s batted ball mix, particularly his groundball to flyball ratios. Try to keep these issues in mind.I’m going to be comparing these 2017 xStats estimations/projections to Steamer projections, and I’ll be displaying the difference. I looked through and I found two players with similar batted ball breakdowns as Schimpf.

Pitching: For example, is the same combination of angles and exit velocity resulting in the same outcome for every player?

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