Because if they smell even a little bit of gay on me, I'm not their teammate anymore, I'm just another homo. " Will tells them to take another try at it, where Kitty joins in to help the two as Will plays some music.

He is known for his work on Family Guy (1999), We Bare Bears (2014) and Gerald's World.

Roderick confides in Spencer he's worried how the two are suppose to practice the dance routine when neither of them know it. Until around 1890 he worked as a machinist for the Chesapeake Nail Works in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and had little interest in acting. His specialty was a lower-to-middle-class worker, and he portrayed many types, including judges, doctors, clerks, managers, jailers, etc. Even when Sheldon shows Spencer his damaged knees as proof and Will and Roderick claiming it was insane to do it, Spencer insists on taking the shot. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. When they finish, Rachel applauds them and Will says they should take a break.

"I got to be tougher, stronger, and more manly than everyone else on the team. On the following day, Will passes by Sam who is drinking from a water fountain. He makes his first appearance in "Loser Like Me" and offends Rachel when he calls a fellow football player a "whiny homo" until Sam reveals that Spencer is actually gay. Spencer apologizes, saying that he’s not a dancer, but Roderick states that he should be the one apologizing.
He is present during Will's farewell performance of He is seen for the final time with the rest of the New Directions (past and present) singing For all of his negative traits, Spencer is a warm and loving character down to his core. As of The Hurt Locker, Part Two, he joins the New Directions. He appeared in more than 220 films between 1920 and 1943, mostly in small supporting roles. —Spencer Porter, "The Hurt Locker, Part Two". He defends his choice by stating he is an athlete who is supposed to look and be tougher than everyone else and that whatever happens after Sectionals, he will deal with it. This act from Spencer flatters Beiste to no end, because that makes him not just a star player but truly part of the team. Rachel encourages them, saying they’re doing well. Spencer is, along with Sam, concerned about Coach Beiste and his transition from female to male. They both think of people who would help them, deciding on Kitty due to her dancing abilities and harsh, but honest criticism. Spencer Porter (Marshall Williams) is a football player and student at McKinley. When they practice their spins, Spencer sprains his ankle. She nods to herself and walks away with no one noticing. Most of the time starts with Spencer relaxing or enjoying an activity, until something or someone comes along and ruins it. The members of New Directions then applaud and come together to celebrate. Continuing, she acknowledges that this might be the last time the glee club performs, but she and the old New Directions couldn't be more proud of them. In the hallways of McKinley, Roderick opens his locker and the contents of it spill onto the floor. John Spencer, né John Speshock le 20 décembre 1946 à New York et mort le 16 décembre 2005 à Los Angeles en Californie, est un acteur américain.. Il est notamment connu pour son rôle de Leo McGarry, le secrétaire général de la Maison-Blanche dans la série télévisée À la Maison-Blanche (1999-2006). Spencer is seen celebrating this win. Spencer talks him into joining the glee club, convincing him successfully with a kiss. During He is present at the double wedding ceremony along with the other Spencer tries to approach Alistair again, only to be ignored before he can even say a word. He is, generally, an easy going person. Edmund Spenser est un poète anglais de la période élisabéthaine, né à Londres vers 1552 et mort le 13 janvier 1599. Will goes on to tell the members that some day, they may come back and see the trophies, hoping they’ll remember the time when they came together and put their differences aside. She admits that her initial reason was selfish and she only wanted to get her groove back, but only their enjoyment and performance was all that matters now. Spencer Porter. Charters was born in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. The glee club then claps at the now filled up cabinet as Sue watches from the doorway, smiling. As it turns out, Alistair finds him very charming and has some very nice dance moves. At the end of the episode, they sing a duet part together in a group number, In the choir room, Will and the members of New Directions do a dance rehearsal for Sectionals. After hearing about Vocal Adrenaline vandalizing his car, Spencer and Sam willingly decide to defend Beiste. In the locker room, Spencer is seen sitting with his injured leg, with Sheldon, Sam, Will, Kitty, and Roderick surrounding him. In the locker room, Spencer is about to get his cortisone shot with the assistance of a stranger, Sheldon, and Sam. The New Directions all put their hands in the show circle, lifting them up as they shout "Amazing!". Spencer is also at Rachel's party where the glee club members and alumni celebrate the last days of her now-sold house. Spencer comes by and helps him pick his stuff up.

Kurt notices the return label says GLAAD and suggests that the transsexual show choir sent them as a thanks for hosting them in At Sectionals the Cheerio-inspired performance from Vocal Adrenaline leaves the New Directions feeling unsettled as the audience enthusiastically claps along. Sam wants to make sure Spencer knows what he is doing, to which Spencer states he is. Marshall Williams, born July 31, 1989, is a Canadian actor, model and musician. She tells them to enjoy themselves, as they’ve earned the applause and the cheers they will get.
Spencer Porter is a recurring character on the sixth season of Glee. In the choir room, Spencer, who is on crutches, comes in. Spencer Porter, Writer: Family Guy. Carlo Pedersoli, plus connu sous son nom de scène de Bud Spencer, né le 31 octobre 1929 à Naples et mort le 27 juin 2016 à Rome, est un acteur, nageur et poloïste italien.

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