Setting SMART project objectives mean you need to have a clear set of a project plan and focus all your resources productively to achieve it within a set time frame. �q��3/dY�sC��5�u'X����^9��J4��&U��P#������2�:c�\�if±�r�F�9Sh�s o When drafting your own objectives, use action words eg “To deliver”, “To introduce”, “To build”. endobj

Like many models, SMART has been criticised and a number of variations have been proposed. sv�ce6Xt�S: O��l��GR||r�gT��N�zun��tW���4�Ӽ��&�(�s�9�%��;���ʟ���'sH��`��-Lf�@�ȶg��8����*�wV���#9N@��> �E�!z�'��$���S)~�ן�D9 D�eBaI腗M-

Achievable - Are you attempting too much? Specific - Be precise about what you are going to achieve.—Each objective should address only one achievement Measurable - Quantify your objectives. Specific: Is there a clear action and expected result for the objective? SMART Objectives o Specific o People do what they understand the expectation to be. <> [ Non-SMART objective 1: Teachers will be trained on the selected scientifically based health education curriculum. ��r�(��r�Ec�o�sB�0�S���zc��4��Nwd/C~�����лp�I��$4�TS� �E������̞�����G���s�Yv�xLqD��B��B2m�c��0��d A��P��:�(klD0�2�'(9B Project objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

M�s�Z�A��H��7����i�}עf�pz�:͊-`J�?Gc�ۦ�y�ց�B�)f�� �!E3p��hU���Nl�#��UZ�ؓ�q�y�`h�H�� ��à9�!9x v�� endobj stream x���z;m��IQ��A��fq�g6�>e΃l+��t��:���օ�HY��`��-��b��U�ݫsw�\o�䧟�^u]�=4�������/�����cs�{�?���؞���o�$�?�|q��H�4˓��_�I�D"�JU��,5����Y����|����j��<�~Z��E��������+���;���d�����|�3`��HT"�|>��SQ�c�{Uܴ�a�j�@���!���� ����1N�N|����p�-o�¢@L�7��ZCo�v�Y�JT!9-"����:���S��������WX�?$8�p�{%%�q���[�OkWv�!�ă�]�~�C��Q�ޟ"��W*͊�'�`TR�4/�PFǣ��u�Y/���0�M �Nċ����pc@$�Г�Er��#���Qi����0���3��Ǎ f�����D�x���vǽ�Wn�x�����y|B�:>����Z˅�|H�3.uj���bg,u�J�h�J��:8�gwf���C���;R~�@�wOjA���V� o Measurable o So you both know if the objective is met, exceeded, or not met. Bc�j�t�C�䨓��;\��3]�Q��������1!�%��i�B"K�zL-�O���{�{ Download the Guide pdf icon [PDF – 233 KB] When developing a work plan and an evaluation plan, you can use the SMART approach to make sure your information is used. iYU�!������J�����:ɕL�~�ҬJ�0��/��1��6���/��߽I���Q7�{���$�_iҪ�.R ��Uj���\Ú��y?����c�/V���d�Vn����'o��P�x�������԰)��m�Ӑ����+�l�bj�4�H!��M��&�B���0��-Z�?�'�٭T\8�҇���ėDc��� � 3������DLd�Uy��?K5�j���ܤ��0고�8��'��0�4j�"CH0LF&R�DPZ��4Ag]+-�O7���s��|ޢ��O�P`�T�eL���]�"�RRy��P\�Ba�����r�����@-�D�:�hIkM��P���o���jmn��:N�x�ZW7�4��^�uI5�Hp�ԝA?�%J T �p~K �lj��#�g�@�ń�*R)|r|B����/hYZ��v`Sp��'��M3l�v�7��a{>��� � z4���k�1���k�va �����bL�oc]E�=g0���c4k��k�'2� ��B'Do�C��ٞy �뮡a_��\ۃ���n�/�f���5/~(�g�o��?�4�T�Et�-`IQL�$3%"%x��W objectives within appraisal and performance management systems. MY CONCERN AND DEEP REQUEST IS PUTTING CONSIDERATION OF THOSE SMALL MICRO-GRASS ROOT CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS , ORGANIZED AROUND AN ISSUE, LET US SAY CONFLICTS, IDPs, ETC WHO NEED SUPPORT BUT DUE DONOR FUNDING CRITERIA, THESE GROUPS NEVER MERIT. SMART goals are meant to address all of your major job responsibilities. 2 0 obj THANKS ALTA. %���� Realistic - Do you have the resources to make the objective happen (personnel, money, KINDLY RECOMMEND ON THESE BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH GOOD IDEAS DO NOT GET REACHED FOR SUPPORT, AND THEREFORE THEY EITHER TRY AND GIVE-UP, KEEP SILENT OR RESOLVE INTO WRONG MOTIVES FOR SURVIVAL.

SMART Objectives Examples. <>>> 4 0 obj <> Remember, goals are intended to focus attention and resources on what is most important ... alignment with the overall business/department objectives. 3 0 obj Writing SMART Objectives. She also works closely with FundsforNGOs running training webinars, contributing resource guides, and updating the Premium donor database.DEAR ALTA, THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD WORK YOU DO, IN RESEARCH. SMART Objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed. Numbers are good where possible. 1 0 obj endobj This objective is not SMART because it is not specific, measurable, or time-phased. It can be made SMART by specifically indicating …

These include SMARTER which adds Evaluated and Reviewed (or Rewarded) to the traditional framework. %PDF-1.5 She works with the fundraising consulting company Philantropia conducting research for clients ranging from small NGOs to UN organizations. F���L��{c�_��� o Should not be vague. ��C�H��P�-Nv�bXi�/���K��)��� �N��@ck�.�9� m��EԹg? SMART stands for: Specific; Measurable; Attainable/Achievable; The extent to which objective statements were SMART was measured by the percentage of these that contained all four componentsoutcomes, indicator, target … Ensuring that the objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound will allow for much easier planning and evaluating once the project is implemented.Alta Alonzi is a writer and researcher focusing on international development funding and grassroots NGOs. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> wC$M��4]�Ԭ�آy�SQ��v��"!4MyXy��O�X���X&�H|V���,��X6�E��ytl���!T��2�c�[�.�!ӓ��,*tg@���i�\��T�?+�jIqr�*�x�L}�3�M�;�nA� mQ��a�}#|h��T�p�tL�%5��=R��H�{�@��`Y��d�.M0�H�)�w�@�{dnX�pn�%ϫ4[�������X�j9�^$i�挼��r�4h��(З�`�h¡ Related Pages.

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