The diplomats had no desire to see the two thrones united, and so the agreement stated that Britain would go to the couple's oldest son, while the second son would inherit the Netherlands; if there was only one son, the Netherlands would pass to the German branch of the The Princess of Wales opposed the match between her daughter and the Prince of Orange, and had great public support: when Charlotte went out in public, crowds would urge her not to abandon her mother by marrying the Prince of Orange.

Sir Richard was called, and was alarmed to find his patient cold to the touch, breathing with difficulty, and bleeding. So what kind of Queen would Charlotte have been? Leopold remained inconsolable for many years, but in 1831 he became the first King of the Belgians, the ancestor of the present Belgian royal family. God save the Queen

Despite this, he attempted to put his daughter, who had the appearance of a grown woman at age 15, under even stricter conditions.

He took over his wife's apartments (Caroline received space in In 1805, the King began making plans for Charlotte's education, and engaged a large staff of instructors for his only legitimate grandchild, with Princess Caroline's unconventional behaviour led, in 1807, to accusations that she had had sexual relations with other men since the separation. My Charlotte is gone from the country—it has lost her. Her popularity was in sharp contrast to the general dislike of her father, George IV (widely deemed a national embarrassment) and her grandfather, George III (widely considered ‘mad’).

The Prince of Wales hoped that what was termed "As Charlotte entered her teenage years, members of the Court considered her behaviour undignified.In late 1810, King George III began his final descent into madness. The newspapers urged the King's unmarried sons towards matrimony. Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales died as a result of complications following the birth of her stillborn son on 6 November 1817. Stockmar found Leopold difficult to rouse, and went to see the Princess, who grabbed his hand and told him, "They have made me tipsy." The Prince of Wales left most of Charlotte's care to governesses and servants, but only allowed her limited contact with Caroline, who eventually left the country. He entered the room to find her dead.Henry Brougham wrote of the public reaction to Charlotte's death, "It really was as though every household throughout Great Britain had lost a favourite child. The King's unmarried sons thus looked for wives and his fourth son, On 7 January 1796, one day short of nine months after the wedding,Despite Caroline's demands for better treatment now that she had given birth to the second-in-line to the throne, George restricted her contact with the child, forbidding her to see their daughter except in the presence of a nurse and governess.Charlotte was a healthy child, and according to her biographer, When Charlotte was eight, her father, whose affections had returned to Fitzherbert, decided that he wanted Carlton House to himself. She took some nourishment after her lengthy fast and seemed to be recovering.Soon after midnight, Charlotte began vomiting violently and complaining of pains in her abdomen.

It was my study, my duty, to know her character, but it was my delight!An obelisk in memory of Charlotte was erected by the then Charlotte's death left the King without any legitimate grandchildren; his youngest surviving child was over forty. The Funeral Ceremony of the Princess Charlotte of Wales by Thomas Sutherland after James Stephanoff, 1818 (Credit: National Portrait Gallery). Two days after the marriage, they were visited by the Prince Regent at Oatlands; he spent two hours describing the details of military uniforms to Leopold, which according to Charlotte "is a great mark of the most perfect good humour". With a good grasp of British history, she was particularly fond of Queen Elizabeth I and her courage, and would no doubt have emulated her during her own reign.

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