It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :)Do not think about the answers too long. For my boyfriend's birthday, I came up with this list of why I love him. We can be ourselves when we're together.11. If you actually read this post, not everything is "rainbows and butterflies." He always apologizes even when it’s not a big deal, even when it’s not his fault. Maybe you know he's kind, but do you know why? Good 4 you grl...woooooooow its so fascinatng and it amaizing n uknow what ur affectionate gal, fight for your lover gal u real inspire me i feel to have crash again now i belive that love is special feelng n not season feelingi love my boyfriend. wew .. (experience basis)Your 100 words are totally I've experience with my boyfriend and until 6 years we haven't meet the feeling is still the same. So keep living your dream with him by your side. We can be ourselves when we're together.11. For my boyfriend's birthday, I came up with this list of why I love him. I love how he fake salutes me every time we run into each other at work, and how he makes fun of me lovingly with only his eyesI am love so with him iman he is iran i meet internet in chat he lives in seattle wa was last year and my family they not let talking with o send texts send want i do can t i am sittl love with him and i feel alone i am feel lovely he sitll love with him i feel so sad but my family they undersntad i how much love with him i need talk some onei love my boyfriend a whole lot he make me happy,he cheer me up wen ever im feeling dwn..he understand my bipolar humor,he understand my pain wen ever im going thru stuff,he have always been their for me ever since...wen ever i tell him ineed him he will b by my side,he is 1 of my big suppoter n i will always an 4ever love him...i wanna get marride n have a happy family..dats d only ting left...I love my boyfriend, I love everything about him and he is so sweet and he would do anything to protect me. So please get real! My boyfriend and I are in our mid-twenties and have been together for 7 years. Camille Guthrie, “My Boyfriend” from ?I want you to pray god for it so your boyfriend can be back ok.I have tried many love spells and had no success. He is able to understand me (most of the time haha) and know when I am upset or clearly happy. The answer might be unexpected! The cute face you make when you're trying to take off my bra.These are some of the sillier things I love about my boyfriend. I have a boyfriend and I love him sooo much, but he's not perfect, nobody is, and your making out that your boyfriend is, when he's no! Get real guys. He is unique in his own way and he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I would be lost and confused without him. This list probably has some crossover with the one below. If we didn't have memories and reason, a relationship wouldnt survive.Haha, this was sweet ^•^ Makes me appreciate my wonderful boyfriend, methinks. Big an your wrong, although things like staring competitions are not always romantic, when your in love, everything seems romantic.Love is very complicated, it is like a spell has been cast over you and you want to do nothing but what the spell makes you do, but if the spell breaks, then you wonder why you did anything that the spekl made you do.Please comment on my last to comments if you have anything to say at all.Its people like bigman who end up miserable and alone.
But I still think its really sweer what you wrote tho. Do you think that we can be together since we have so many obstacles too? In this case the smell brings positive thoughts and makes her feel happy when she smells him. Here are some of the many ways he supports me.43. Right or wrong I will stand by my man and I know he will do the same for me. I'm only including my tamer reasons in this article, but you should feel free to get as sexy as you like. Warm Wishes to you and your boyfriend!That's amazing. I cried and he was so nervous about it but that was the best day of my entire life besides the day I had met him. If you're in an unhappy relationship then maybe you don't think this is nice and is bullshit.
I'm soo deeply in love and I'm so happy that he's around!For the record... my boyfriend would much rather be with me than his "boys" and a room full of beer. My boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love him for the way he is and more...My boyfriend and I started dating about 9 months and 8 days ago from today. You must be a pretty girl anyways, with no makeup on, messy hair, extra pounds, etc. If people can't make it work like that and claim to be in love, I feel sorry for their futures together. He'll love it.61.

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