Yet this Marine did more for his country than any President or Senator ever did. I expected to see my maker most any moment that morning.I hurried up to the Surgery and already the casualties were pouring in. Two weeks ago the Bien Hoa Air Base was mortared.

And I can't feel God is in it.How can there be fairness in one man being maimed for life, suffering agonies, another killed instantaneously, while I get out of it safe? Tell mom I wished I could have told her myself, but I just didn't know how.P.S. "Be careful," you tell me. When I woke up, I had a hunk of snow and I was chewing on it.Our squad leader just came by and told us to shave and wash up.

Out of our Infantry Company 21 killed, 29 wounded, and 27 of us are left to talk about the 5 hours of hell we went through.It's too late to bitch, but the truth will not be told to the U.S. A lot of men are killed but they tell you only half the number.I can't sleep good anywhere now.

It would wet all the world.Dearest Family, We now have a mix of wounded and battle-fatigued soldiers.
A goddamned shoelace!

A withered man cooked the opium over a flame into a long wooden pipe. Anyway, he was some mother's son.Had a dream last night. They sat at the tables, had their meals served, talked, smoked, in fact had quite a swell time.I stood on the outside looking on, and I could not help but ask myself these questions: are we not American soldiers, sworn to fight for and die if need be for this our country?

IMDb . But in the end the message is clear.

Don't think I am down-hearted, but ever since I volunteered I've felt like a cog in a huge wheel.

This is the one.

(Enter your ZIP code for information on American Experience events and screening in your area. What they have to give is simple but when you're tired and worn out from fighting you accept their gifts with a lump in your throat.I know now, for certain, what we are fighting for! All of a sudden a large red ball of fire soared into the sky. And when you're numb with cold there's no place to go to. God, I don't know how I made it back to Bien Hoa.Hello John, Ann and all the Little Ones: The weather has been very cold over here with plenty of snow, snow, and more snow.

War is futile.Foreign Language Films Nominated for Oscar's Best Picture It seemed that I could almost hear it singing from the time it left its bed in the rebel's gun.Suddenly I heard the same ball go crash! "I never said I was the greatest guy on earth; you did.

The wet stuff trickling down the back of necks is often blood.

I have wanted to come here for several years now to say goodbye to many of my former comrades.I truly loved many of them as I am sure you loved many of your former comrades.As of today we are no longer enemies.

But as hard as I try not to get involved with my men I still can't help liking them, and getting close to a few. I have two daughters myself now.Today I visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C.

I have watched this film twice already this week (first week of release here in Japan). A still greater contrast is between his quarters here and the living hell of Dachau concentration only 10 miles from here. As usual, I cannot rid my clothes of the odor. What Does The “Parasite” Win Mean For The Future Of The Academy Awards?Glory to the holy WiFi! ...There was a dead Iraqi in a car, eyes wide open, frozen in a silent scream.I still think of the guy I shot.

Chances are you and your family have old war letters or other family artifacts. . It makes you feel mighty small, helpless and alone.The battle seems like something in a faraway land.

So long, honey, and pucker up -- 'cause here I come.It never seemed like a war. I perceive you as a brave soldier defending his homeland.As I leave here today I leave your picture and this letter. 7 ways ‘Parasite’ made history with its Oscar winsParasite Wins Best Picture at the Oscars and Makes Hollywood History

A wool hat.

There is one kind which kills quickly, Chlorine, but I do not prefer any kind or brand myself.I had to have a photo taken today for an "Officer's Identification Book" which every officer must carry. As I look at the kids sledding, throwing snow balls, it brings back many memories of the good times I had when I was a kid. We all washed up just a week ago.I am out on ambush with eleven men and a medic -- after everything is set up in position I have nothing to do but think about why I am here. There's no danger tho. The story of the battle of Iwo Jima between the United States and Imperial Japan during World War II, as told from the perspective of the Japanese who fought it.

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