At this time, Winchester became the capital of England. Britannica Premium: Serving the evolving needs of knowledge seekers. London is one of the leading global cities in art, education, entertainment, finance, commerce, and media. Greater London consists of 32 boroughs surrounding the City of London, built on the site of a Roman outpost named Londinium. The finance industry is the largest in London, with financial exports making the industry the largest contributor to the UK’s balance of payment. London. Canterbury had been the capital of England in the middle ages and still hosts the head of the Anglican Church.

The Norman conquest of England in 1066 led to the transfer of the English capital city and chief royal residence from the Anglo-Saxon one at Winchester to Westminster, and the City of London quickly established itself as England's largest and principal commercial centre. London has been the world's leading financial center since 1795, following the collapse of the Dutch Republic. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and southeast, and Long Island Sound is to the southwest. London is one of the leading global cities in art, education, entertainment, finance, commerce, and media.

Winters are cool, cloudy, and damp, while summers are generally mild and warm.London accounts for about 20% of the UK's total GDP, while the Greater London metropolitan area accounts for approximately 30% of the UK’s GDP. The majority of the population is concentrated around London and other major industrial regions in the country. The tourism industry in the UK employs over 400,000 people in London. Here is a brief overview of some of the largest cities in England. The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain - the main island made up of England, Scotland and Wales - and Northern Ireland. The Greater London Authority is responsible for citywide administration, while the local administration is managed by the 33 unit authorities. The Local Authority consists of the 32 London boroughs and the London City Corporation. New England Capital Planners, Inc. is a financial and wealth planning firm dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management to individuals, businesses and other organizations. Before the Industrial Revolution, the cities were all small towns with very low population densities. London is not only the capital of England, but also the most populous city in the UK. Forkbeard ruled England for just 40 days, and remains the nation’s shortest-reigning monarch.

Usually regarded as a mixed market economy, it has adopted many free market principles, yet maintains an advanced social welfare infrastructure.

In 1066, York briefly became the Viking capital of England. ... the country’s capital, emerged as one of the world’s preeminent cities and the hub of a political, economic, and cultural network that extended far beyond England’s shores.

The city has five major business districts. England, predominant constituent unit of the United Kingdom, occupying more than half of the island of Great Britain.

The metropolitan area of Birmingham is the second most populated city in England.

It is bordered by the state of New York to the west and by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick to the northeast and Quebec to the north. The capital of England The Romans invaded England in 43 AD, establishing Londinium, which became London, but had Colchester as the capital of England.

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