Ironically, if you sanitize the themes to make them accessible to those outside the culture, Keep in mind, the overall theme of this album is pro-Black (not anti-White, mind you), but there will be concepts that may be difficult to grasp or altogether elusive. In a song that’s about recognition of human dignity that seems important to avoid.It’s also important to keep this in mind with any other accepting/editing on this album.However, holding the culture sacred is what the song is advocating.
I remember reading or hearing things about (P) that reminded me so much of Dad growing up. I would give caution not to force accessibility in those places, as it could easily make Genius come off tone deaf.I think, in its current form, the first sentence comes across as exoticizing and othering. second and third single off of our new album “DOG Howdy!! 1980’s Albums

For reference Hello everyone! I was shocked to see that WAP is now the fourth most viewed song of all genres of all time on Genius, in Would love some feedback! Solange’s 3rd album, A Seat at the Table, is blowing up on the site, so lets use this thread to make sure we get it looking good! Paid In a statement, Solange Judnick Mayard wrote of the album on Solange’s own website Six of the album’s interludes include narration by New Orleans rapper turned mogul … I find a lot of similarities in (Master P) and our dad. This is a public forum

It’s that time again — here are all the details for this year’s mid-year lists! Welcome to the weekly thread series, New Christian Music Friday, where me and @benrodz co- Hey all! All Albums & Mix Tapes listed are nice I guess. sup y'all Hey everyone :) Welcome back to the Weekly Annotation Competition!

And I wanted a voice throughout the record that represented empowerment and independence, the voice of someone who never gave in, even when it was easy to lose sight of everything that he built, someone invested in black people, invested in our community and our storytelling, in empowering his people.

Hello, everyone — Hey guys I made a page for a list of modern disco songs which includes music from The Weeknd, Dua Lipa I wanted to project in my delivery what I was not achieving at all: peace and having a certain lightness and airiness that could maybe help me get closer to having more light and airiness in my life.

Hello all. She announced the album’s release just three days before its due date. Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A A Seat at the Table Lyrics I wanted to build a monument here With my face in the dirt and my hands in the air But no one came, and no one cared Although this may not be explicitly tied to music or Genius as a whole, I feel an

Welcome to the 8th installment of the 2020 Clean-Up Championship! And they also have an incredible amount of love and respect for one another. Without the words and work of Black artists and creators, Genius would not exist.

It’s less problematic if you assume the writer is black (and unfortunately white is still the default), but it’s still weird and factually incorrect.  |  can submit your annotations Hi, this is the main forum post, where Genius users can make announcements or debate about the project

collective just dropped two new music videos Hey everyone! You and I were raised being told not to take the first thing that came our way, to build our own platforms, our own spaces, if they weren’t available to us.

Another great resource—Solange and Tina Knowles' conversation about the album on Solange’s site saintheron:This album is so damn good, it definitely deserves our best! Skin tones don’t give you special properties.I think that first sentence only works if you could support the “black girl magic” album theme within the annotation.Add an image, video, or tweet by pasting in the URL: Hey everyone :) Welcome back to the Weekly Annotation Competition!
We’re committed to doing better for Black communities. After reading through a lot of these interviews, there’s a few more I’ll try to find, I definitely think pushing quotes rather than interpretation is key in annotating the new Solange album.

Hello world!

And I think that he is such a powerful example of that.I did want to create this juxtaposition, politically, of having these very hard, messy conversations but having them stylistically in a way that you can really hear me, and not the yelling, the rage. This forum is closed—no new threads or posts can be created.This forum is closed—no new threads or posts can be created.This forum is closed—no new threads or posts can be created.This forum is closed—no new threads or posts can be created.This forum is closed—no new threads or posts can be created.This forum is closed—no new threads or posts can be created. She speaks on so much that instead of trying to figure out on our own, just looking to see what said on each song will be super helpful with going through the tracks, especially “Don’t Touch My Hair.”The second half is great—the first half is weird to me, because a) it’s not really what’s being said in the lyrics and b) it’s essentialist and exoticizing. If you’

Here, you can submit your annotations Here, you If you were part of the Genius Community a few years back, you may remember when User MOTHER MONSTER aka QUEEN LADY GAGA served us with Pop perfection at the award show.

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