But that may be because they hear it constantly at school, while their parents might be working alone.

This is far easier than its image may suggest. There is a reason why nearly a quarter-million Americans are now actively learning the language which may speed the day when it becomes as mainstreamed into the public schools as Spanish or French.Confucius has a lesser-known saying: “I am not bothered by the fact that I am not understood -- I am bothered when I do not know others.” Competence in speaking will deepen the understanding between the two key civilizations of the 21st century, and friendship starts with language. This website is produced by BBC Global News, a commercial company owned by the BBC (and just the BBC). Originally from Trinidad, he learned Romanian from her family, who live close to the border with Moldova.“His Romanian is excellent,” she says. It’s hilarious.” A 2013 study of British adults in an Italian beginners’ course found that Language students who create a bond with other speakers are more likely to persevere (Credit: Getty)“If you find like-minded people, that makes it more likely that you’ll push on with a language, and that you’ll persevere,” Trenkic says. Their parents, on the other hand, are more likely to be able to socialise with people who understand them, such as fellow immigrants.“Creating the emotional bond is what makes you better at language learning, in my view,” says Trenkic.Adults can of course also create that emotional bond, and not just through love or friendship with a native speaker. Chinese people often are extremely appreciative and tolerant when they see Westerners take efforts to speak Chinese, further easing the transition. “I can enjoy the greatest literary works, I can produce meaningful and coherent texts of publishable quality.”To the average language student, what past studies have assessed – the ability to pass for a native speaker in terms of grammar – may not be all that relevant (Credit: Getty)In fact, the MIT quiz classified her as a native English speaker.At the Spanish Nursery, where the teachers are singing ‘Cumpleanos feliz’ and the book corner stocks The Gruffalo in Hebrew, the director herself turns out to be a late starter. This is far easier than its image may suggest. “He speaks it with a Moldavian accent. Some of this can be blamed on the linguistic divide, and the widespread practice of doing business through translators is not helpful. Yes, it is true that English is the lingua franca in the business world and many Chinese speak English skillfully.

Celebrity investor Jim Rogers famously moved to Singapore so his kids would grow up learning Mandarin Chinese. In other words, older learners tend to already know quite a lot about themselves and the world and can use this knowledge to process new information. She says she still makes grammatical mistakes, especially when she is tired or stressed.

Will I be cleverer?

The children may also feel a greater sense of urgency since mastering the language is crucial to their social survival: making friends, being accepted, fitting in. No money from the licence fee was used to create this website. You need to spend years learning it. “If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”This idea has a long history in a society fixated on its own long history.

“Young children are very bad at explicit learning, because they don’t have the cognitive control and the attention and memory capabilities,” Sorace says. Traditional Chinese society accepted foreigner traders in proportion to their respect for Chinese culture and observance of rituals. It seems to sum up the enviable effortlessness of the little polyglots around her. As babies, we have a better ear for different sounds; as toddlers, we can pick up native accents with astonishing speed. Chinese foreign direct investment in the U.S. is expected to exceed $10 billion this year and it remains our number-one trade partner. Her children absorbed Spanish at nursery.But perhaps the most adventurous linguist is her husband.

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