The "code de la route" consists of 40 questions of which you need to get at least 35 right to pass. Enquire at the Préfecture or driving school.Once you have successfully passed the driving test you need to New drivers must display a red A sticker on the back of their car for three years after passing the test, this is reduced to two if you learned to drive accompanied by an experienced driver (see below). It's an EU country. Some slights modifications appear on driving licenses issued by some overseas collectivities such as French Polynesia (987), Saint-Martin (978), Saint-Barthélémy (977) and Wallis and Futuna (986); where licenses are identical to the normal mainland format with the addition of the name of the Collectivity next to the “RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE” title and even, for the unique case of French Polynesia, the display of the regional flag on the bottom right part of the cards.The French driving licence can be obtained after finishing a This Graduated driver licensing is valid only within France, so it's not possible to cross the border with the Graduated driver licensing. In French, the word automobile is often shortened to auto, just like it is in English. There is one driving school in Paris that does lessons in English, but the exams are still in French. At the age of 18, the learner's permit can apply to a normal driving license, that it can pass more easily due to its previous experience; additionally, its probation license is reduced from three to two years. The CEPC can be downloaded or picked up at the driving school. If successful, you must follow a minimum of 20 hours driving practice with a school before taking a general theory test. An unlicenced trainee driver may not drive outside of France and is restricted to a speed limit of 110 Km/h on the motorway (Autoroute). If your country doesn’t have an agreement with France, after one year of residence, you will have to take driving and theory tests to get a French driver’s licence. The results are either sent by post or by email.Note: A learner applicant may be accompanied by a sworn translator for the written theory test. There is a 35 euro fine if you’re caught driving without it. If you need to take a driving test, it’s wise to take a course through a certified driving school, some of which have sections for English-speakers. You can either enrol for the French theory test via a driving school or do it yourself.

It will be an invaluable aid in preparing to pass your Highway Code test. When you leave France. The result is available online 48 hours after the practical exam. (Cheaper than going to Paris!) Select a country to get an instant quote for health insurance This is valid for four months and permits the holder to drive anywhere within France. French Highway Code Book In this book, you will find various chapters that will answer all your questions concerning road regulations and driving behaviour in France. Plus download a longer list in the free PDF. You have to choose a driving school that participates in the program to be eligible for financial assistance. The theory test is called theRemember to take valid proof of identity to the test. First register as outlined above, then sign up with a registered driving school for an "evaluation of knowledge". The theory test is called the code (the study book, Code de la Route, is available only in French from bookshops or from your driving school). Getting a French driver’s licence: French driving test. You can either enrol for the French theory test via a driving school or do it yourself.

If you pass, the word favorable will is indicated on the bottom of the certificat d’examen du permis de conduire (CEPC).

The test is in French, both the "code" and the driving. Furthermore, any person who initially gets a driving license, for the first one, has to mind following restrictions for two or three yearsSome training to road traffic safety might help to recover points. Note: If you already hold a foreign driver's licence, you are not required to complete the 3,000 Km of "practice driving".The Permis à 1 euro - literally driving permit for 1 euro - is available for people aged 15 to 25. People on the Road ( Les gens sur la route ) While you are driving, there are a few people that you will meet. Since 2013, the French driving licence format was changed from that of a pink booklet to a credit card-sized card. If successful, you are issued with a certificate valid for five years to drive accompanied by an adult, with three obligatory teaching follow-ups by the driving school.The practical exam can only be taken from the age of 17 years and six months once you have completed the accompanied driving training for a period of one to three years and completed at least 3,000 Km. Why not spend a week in Barcelona and pass it there? The theory test lasts 32 minutes. In the event of a control, the police will accept the paper version of the CEPC or the version downloaded to the mobile phone or ipad. There are special exceptions for physically disabled people. Even if the exam is successfully passed, you may only drive alone on or after your 18th birthday. This type of financial help allows you  to borrow up to 1200 euros to offset the costs of obtaining a driving licence and repay a maximum of 30 euros per month.

This should be arranged in advance.Once the theory exam has been successfully passed, the candidate is entitled to five attempts at the practical exam over the course of five years.The exam involves a 25-minute drive in normal traffic conditions. The French authorities will confiscate your foreign driving licence and return it to the country of issue or retain it and return it to you when you leave France permanently. If you wear contact lenses, a set of glasses must be kept with you at all times while driving. If you fail the practical test, the bilan de compétences is marked with insuffisant, the reasons for failing, as well as indications of what needs to be improved.The licence is sent directly to the home address of the candidate within four months.Note: If you wear glasses or contact lenses, this must be stated on the licence and it is compulsory to wear either of them to drive.

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