Franklin Graham announced he will embark on a 50-state tour of the United States next year called the Decision America Tour. More details will come later. New locations are being considered after all the tour’s scheduled venues removed Mr. Graham from their calendars, according to organizers. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is looking for venues in London and Liverpool for Franklin Graham’s upcoming UK tour. We will not be endorsing any political candidates, but I will be proclaiming the truth of God’s Gospel in every state. More venues have cancelled planned appearances by anti-LGBT preacher Franklin Graham, leaving his plans to tour the UK up in the air. Participants will learn: Biblical principles on living a … In Milton Keynes, for instance, the Marshall Arena As venues began to remove Mr. Graham from their schedules, On Wednesday, Utilita Arena in Newcastle became the last venue to pull Mr. Graham’s event from its calendar, several news outlets A petition urging Utilita Arena to cancel Mr. Graham’s event had received more than While Mr. Graham did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday, he released a lengthy statement on Jan. 27 addressed to Britain’s L.G.B.T.Q. At 62 years of age, I’ve lived long enough to learn that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can turn this country around; no political party or politician is the answer.The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ.Next year I am planning to travel to all 50 states to conduct prayer rallies—we are calling this the Decision America Tour.

I want to share the Good News across our nation possible through Franklin Graham Decision America Tours.

I want to encourage Christians to get out and vote, and to cast their ballots for candidates who uphold biblical principles.I want to strongly urge Christians to run for public office at every level—local, state, and federal. The Christian Life and Witness Course helps believers deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and share Him with others during the Graham Tour – or on their own as they witness to friends, family members and co-workers. Venues, Says He Will Proceed With TourThe Rev. community.“I’m not coming to the U.K. to speak against anybody, I’m coming to speak for everybody,” Mr. Graham Franklin Graham, Dropped by U.K. We evangelical Christians won’t support Franklin Graham’s UK tour L e t t e r s A group of 17 evangelical Christians urges others not to back the American evangelist’s mission events Management of ACC Liverpool said Jan. 24 that it was dropping plans to host a June 12 Graham event, citing a number of statements by the evangelist “which we consider to be incompatible with our values.” Evangelist Franklin Graham meets with pastors in the U.K. ahead of his Graham Tour, February 2020. America is in trouble. At least one cited concerns over the pastor’s views.A planned tour of Britain by the American evangelist Franklin Graham, an outspoken social conservative and a vocal supporter of President Trump, will move forward despite being dropped by venues over concerns about his past statements, according to organizers.The tour, which features a series of messages from the Bible and concerts that “In light of this we can no longer reconcile the balance between freedom of speech and the divisive impact this event is having in our city,” the venue, ACC Liverpool, Over the next days, other venues across the country made similar announcements. I hope you will start praying with us now.

I want to challenge Christians to boldly live out their faith and to pray for our Franklin Graham serves as president and CEO of the Through the organizations he leads, Franklin has been instrumental in helping people impacted by crises including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, civil war in Sudan, and natural disasters ranging from the tsunami in South Asia, tornadoes throughout the southeast United States to the massive earthquakes in Haiti, China and Japan.

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