Especially Young k who gains and loses weight often. Also, we gave you credits in the post! But please, explain.he got emotional because even if he was not feeling well he still could make a good songSo… he was proud of himself for being so talented? This list may not reflect recent changes . We gave you credits in the post! (Source: According to a former Japaneese JYP trainee, DAY6 and TWICE are close. *Mentioned in the SBS Power FM Radio (180629)*@kprofiles:disqus I think it is a new song, it’s for their third anniversary/dedicated to their fans from what I’m seeing Under Jae’s profile, it says, “Jae was MC in ASC (After School Club) along with Eric Nam, 15&‘s Jimin, U-KISS‘s ex member Kevin.” It should be, “Jae was MC in ASC (After School Club) along with 15&‘s Jimin and U-KISS‘s ex member Kevin.” Jae replaced Eric, so of course he didn’t MC ALONG WITH Eric.These are the photos for Day6’s latest Japanese comeback, Unlock@disqus_Hun8sN76sM:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! His twitter is Jae_Day6bugs! i can’t find anyYou’re right O_O Seems like they deleted their accounts. How did he get touched? #826Boyz #NP Talk About It. The singer announced his departure via an Instagram post. i tried looking it up but i didn’t find anything related to day6…yes, but maybe it was deleted due to copyright or something like thatJae is back on twitter again. And junhyeok, that’s how korean read their name. This list may not reflect recent changes . Correction again – sorry – Young K was Scouted by JYPE with his member Don Lee from 3rd Degree in Toronto to come audition for JYPE – when they were accepted as trainees at JYPE then they moved to South Korea. I’ve just seen several people mention this lately, but I can’t find where he actually mentioned it? Brian, Willie, Robert and Michael wish you the best in your future endeavors It’s a heart kind of shape that kind of looks like antlers. Please do itSUNGJIN NEEDS MORE APPRECIATION! I wish his profile had more information, I’m so in love with him after watching DAY6’s old videos on V LIVE TTthere isn’t an official fandom name yet, but the fans call themselves ‘Sundays’i think we call ourselves either Daydreamers or Sundays but neither are official yetThe fandom name was just revealed and it is “My Day”.^^^ yep Confirmed on their (VLive) Mini Concert Everyday Day6 JuneSungjin actually appeared in an episode of Hidden Singer in season two where he competed against JYP himself to see who sounded most like JYP. We are overwhelmed by the love and support you are showing us. Find Day26 discography, albums and singles on AllMusic AllMusic... New Releases ... Group Members.

Their developing careers would eventually lead them to their path of success. The band debuted on September 7, 2015, under JYP Entertainment. “He got touched”? there was originally six members representing the first six days of the week with their fans representing the seventh day, now each member representing the first five days of the week with their fans representing the sixth day and the last day being a resting dayWonpil has a tattoo. ... And as the saying goes, this is not a goodbye, but a simply see you later. Jae had a YouTube channel in high school, as well. Source: KoreabooJae is allergic to pollen, he said that in his latest vlog on youtube!SUNGJIN: he prefers short hair, someone sexy and tallJAE: he prefers short hair, someone cute and short (though you already have the last two)WONPIL: (he didn’t answer the first question and couldn’t choose between someone cute and sexy) he prefers tall girlsDOWOON: like Brian, he prefers long hair, someone sexy and tallNo problem!

Junhyuk, that’s how korean write their name in romanji. You may have your attorneys, also copied here, direct any inquiries to my attention. His hobbies mainly include playing computer games/ps4 games and playing basketballHarry Potter is an outdated nickname for Jae. I could helpSungjin and Wonpil now have their own room (Sungjins room is the managers old room)Jae rarely plays badminton these days. Submit Corrections. Thank You For Your Support!!! If it is because he can speak English, he could’ve gone with like 4 other peopleI still haven’t gotten over the fact that me and Young K have the same birthday xDJAE is lactose intolerant (gets nauseous, headaches, and throws up after imbibing milk products) and is allergic to fruit. Don’t sleep on these tickets! On behalf of all the members; Willie, Mike, Rob, Brian and even Que, we would like to thank all of the “fams” aka fans, dj’s across the world, promoters, radio programmers, Bad Boy Entertainment, Starstruck Management, BET, VH1 and FUSE and all DAY26 supporters in general, for your unending support throughout these years.

?i don’t know for sure, but i think wonpil is the synthesizer, he doubles up as a keyboardist since it also requires a keyboardFor me the bias survey isn’t working but the rest is so I want to thank you so much for your hard work on updating everytime something new come up I really appreciate it and also this help alot on learning about the members and the groupThanks a lot for your feedback and the nice words! Dowoon has a twitter now! I used to like Junhyuk. What I mean to say is that I didn’t watch thw video or whatever you got this piece of information from and I was reading well until ???? as you guys know we just recently celebrated our 10th year anniversary. He is quite active today Young K doesn’t really play basketball, or very rarely plays (according to Jae on Arirang Music Access) Young K isn’t really considered the korean dictionary, wonpil is. It’s a common misconception since he has the Busan satoori, but he’s mentioned it himself many times. Please do post the rest of the teasers when they will be revealed. They also promoted on the music program In June 2017, Day6 released their first full-length album, Their July single consisting of the lead single "Hi Hello" and sidetrack "Be Lazy" was released on July 6. Que appeared in the Imma Put It on Her music video and subsequent music videos for the album. Also, Dowoon’s facts have a typo, “bron” instead of born Thank you a lot for the additional info!

On Thursday November 21, 2013, fans received word through Twitter from several group members that the group would reunite and be planning a tour for the next year.

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